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Welcome to my gallery!!! My art is not very good, I know, but if you're a rare person who actually likes my art, I REALLY appreciate your feedback.

:iconfeedbackloveplz::iconcommentplz:I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo:iconcommenters1plz::iconcommenters2plz:

Want Me to Draw You Something?

Here are the rules regarding commissions:
:bulletblack: I will not draw inflation, gender bending, porn, mpreg, or fetish art
:bulletblack: must be Sonic related, no MLP sorry ^^;
:bulletblack: I will draw MOST male homosexual pairings. But I will draw any female homosexual pairings
:bulletblack: I will do LITERATURE crossovers, as long as I am familiar with the franchises (I.E Sonic and Mario, Sonic and Harry Potter, etc)
:bulletblack: I will NOT draw anti-pairing art or write anti-pairing fanfictions

As of now:

I dunno how to draw:
:bulletblack: All robot characters (Metal Sonic, E-123 Omega, Gamma) EXCEPT Cubot and Orbot. I am able to draw Cubot and Orbot (I'm slowly learning...:B)
:bulletblack: Cosmo
:bulletblack: Chaos
But if you give me a reference I can make an attempt, but don't expect something amazing out of my first try.

Let me know if you have questions

If you are a close friend, and are wanting me to draw something for you but have no points or money, I will make an exception

My Biggest Pet Peeve Considering Feedback

Impatience. Especially on my stories. Mostly if I'm told to "Hurry Up on the next part!!" Okay, I've got this thing, fellow deviant. It's called an adult life. Let's just say 24 hours aren't enough to get things done. I try to update when I have time, but I go to college full time. Between homework, regular work, and long distance relationship support I don't have a lot of time to relax and write a story. I try the best I can to update as soon as possible, for my friends and watchers. But the days of dA where all I did was go to school...those days are over. Life is getting busier and busier each year. I try, really hard. Pushing me won't get the story done faster.



Sonic and Amy: Valentines day by Lunas-Art

This is absolutely stunning, the effects and detail in this are very vivid. The grass looks real and the blurred background shows great...

Sonaze - January by Sonicguru

Okay with this temporary premium membership, I'm writing a critique! :D I like the style and the colors. The only real flaw I'm seeing h...


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May 21, 2015
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Stamps I agree with: :heart: ~Artwork is copyright to their respected owners~ If I use a stamp and am not authorized to, please let me know...
I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehogDepression... A Fancy Word by newnoakuaAce Stamp 6 by RJDaaeI Met My Best Friend Online by hollsolder by krissimonstaMeg Griffin Support Stamp by SpyHunterStampsYou Shouldn't be Dating by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeLosing your virginity... by yumi-honamarustraight cake by DametoraGood in bed... by number03GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME by DametoraAsexual Doesn't Mean... Stamp by AETitusTEAM TAILS stamp by TheHappySpaceman01Vamp romance by jones2000Being popular by prosaixNew Sonic in 5 minutes by The-Real-SykoCaution by impersonalinfoBig the Cat stamp by SonicAngel948Proud Introvert by Adaku5Slap It On a Biscuit by AshPnXFake Psychics vs Sparkly Vamps by glomdiI know You Know by azianwolfdollGus's Nicknames Stamp by AshPnXI am woman by DametoraAnti-Yaoi stamp by scourgexfionafanMATH STAMP V3 by SutouchanI'm Anti-Twilight, Bite Me. by thysilverdoeFandom Stamp 2 by lady-warriorAlgebra is Pointless. by zapdos327SilvAmy Stamp by SilverxAmyPro KnuxAmy Stamp by ReverseTheEclipseSonaze Glow Heart Stamp by KTWizardSonic plushie-stamp by ILoveKnucklesShadowOsmosis Jones Stamp by ToonfreakSilvamy Stamp by BatCrAcKeRsAlways The Eggman by SA948-StampsChaream Stamp by SA948-StampsMy Reason by Magegirl-Ninoshadilver stamp by ShadilverFriendship stamp by JinZhanI HATE Extremists by lulubellctStamp: Psych by zoro4me3Stamp: I suck at drawing hands by Jeshika-HarunoStorm Stamp by soulshelterdeviantART and Justin Bieber by Frelly-Is-KellyCartoon Watcher Stamp by ToonfreakSonaze Stamp by Sonaze-fangirlSonAmy Stamp by Sonaze-fangirlSonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fansSonAmy Stamp by Purple-JacketSmart SonAmy Fan by VincintblazeSonSal SonAmy Stamp by Super-Sonic-101SonAmy Stamp by LucaRiolu826Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirlstamp :: cat lover by octobre-rougeCat lover stamp by xXAli-StarXxMultishipper Stamp by KotegoStamp: Anglophile by spiffingsailorAnglophile by MorryganFree USUK Icon by AvisTheArtistGeek





I worked at a run of the mill construction job. I did not do much but use my psychokinesis to help workers lift heavy parts, and also move things into place. It was a great way to practice my ability, as well as strengthen it. Alongside this, I got paid a decent wage. Ten Rings an hour, not bad. Other than the coworkers that lived with me, I did not get very much contact with the outside world. I rarely saw Sonic, Shadow, or any of the others. I kept to myself in a lonely part of the city, one that was obviously still under construction. I live in the future, but there is not much for me to do in the future. Sonic’s children had become successful business owners and were deadly rich. They had abandoned the heroic ways a long time ago. The future was one of the two kinds of future I was not a fan of: a utopia. Granted, I preferred a utopia over a dystopia, but with the utopian future that was now in existence thanks to all of evil being banished...the future was pretty boring. Apparently somewhere down the line, when Sonic’s children were teenagers, they had managed to conquer all evil. Eggman had died, and all of the other evil members had banished. Thanks to Sonic’s son, who had stupidly told the world leaders to take much more control on the criminal situation. Soon criminals decreased immensely until there was none. Sounds like the ideal world to many, right? A perfect world without crime, murder, rape. Nobody worried about Eggman flooding the city or anything. It was actually really boring. And the government was really strict. There were guards on every street block. People eventually got used to them, and criminals did not put a toe out of line. The future was unimaginably perfect, thanks to Sonic’s children. This did not bother me much, I did not feel inclined to tell Sonic not to have children. Since once again, utopia was better than dystopia. At least the future was safe. Still, I preferred the past’s balance between good and evil. Things were way more interesting.

After my shift, I headed to the apartment I stayed at. I oftentimes checked the future to make sure things were still okay, they always were, but I still checked anyway. I got into my apartment and sighed, then collapsed on my leather couch. The couch was fading and had bits of it ripped off thanks to the previous owner’s puppy. I flipped on the TV and watched the news happily declare that Sonic had saved the world once again. I saw the speedy blue blur rushing through the streets, kicking down robots as he went. With him, I needn’t worry about saving the world. My goal was to protect the future. But it was very difficult not to screw things up. Changing anything in the past could drastically affect the future. I got up and went to get a can of soda, then sat back down and crossed my legs. I was pretty worn out from my work shift.

After the news, I finished my soda and stood up and stretched. I was ready to go to bed, I threw the empty can away and headed for my apartment bedroom. Right as I made my way there, I heard a knock at the door. This was strange to hear, I rarely ever got visitors. Even by the apartment landlord or owner. I went to the door and opened it. There stood a young man I had never seen before. He looked about my age. And the weird thing was, he looked almost exactly like me. The only difference was, he had three violet quills, violet streaks on his legs, and a white muzzle instead of a peach one.
“Can I help you?” I asked sleepily.

“My life is in turmoil. You must go and save it,” said the hedgehog. He almost sounded like me.

“Are you my brother or something?” I asked cautiously.

“My name is Drexel. And right now, I need your help,” said the hedgehog.

“If you need help, I suggest you go ask this hedgehog named Sonic,” I droned.

“No. This is important. Only you can help me,” said Drexel.

“Alright. What do you need help with?” I asked.

“Come with me,” Drexel grabbed my arm before I could flinch, and suddenly we both were thrown into a very bright light. I could not see or feel anything, I wasn’t even sure if Drexel was still holding on to me.
“What gives!?” I cried. But my question was answered when I nearly face-planted into soft grass. Drexel held me back before I could topple over. I looked around and saw nothing like the utopian city I came from. All I saw were rolling grassy hills, along with trees, and a river flowing in the distance. I was completely awestruck by the scenery  before me. I was always attracted to rural settings. After taking it in, I swerved around to look at Drexel. “Alright. You need help here? Things look so peaceful here. How do you need help?” I asked.

“It would really help if you don’t ask questions,” Drexel grumbled. “It is important that the less you know about me, the better off I am. I transported you to a world where I am about to be put in turmoil, and I need your help to stop it from happening,” Drexel explained.

“What?” I asked, but Drexel took my arm again and before I knew it he was lugging me down the hill. I was trying to pull away but he had a stunningly tight grip. He dragged me across the grass and a bridge. We then came up to a huge castle in the distance. I had about had enough by this point. I focused my powers and energy on Drexel, hoping to throw him away with my telekinesis. But he swung his foot around and tripped me; I could’ve sworn his feet created a fire as it went.
“Please don’t fight back. Please cooperate. This is important,” Drexel said sternly.

“How...How were you tell when my telekinesis was coming?” I asked.

“As I said, it’s better if you don’t ask questions,” Drexel replied, flicking his violet fringe away. “Now come with me, we are to go into this castle,” he said. I groaned and got up, brushing the dirt off me. Then I followed him towards the castle. There were guards standing in front of the door. As expected, they prevented us from going in. “I need to see the princess,” Drexel told them, as if he had been there many times.

“How does she know you?” asked one guard.

“I am a good friend,” Drexel replied.

“Wait right here,” said the other guard. He turned and rang a bell, then turned back around to face us. Drexel and I waited there for awhile. I was getting rather impatient, and was shifting my legs to get comfortable. But Drexel seemed calm and the exact opposite. Then suddenly the doors opened, and a silhouette exited the castle and stepped into the sunlight. I saw the figure in the light now, and recognized it instantly as my best friend.

“BLAZE!?” I cried in surprise.

“Silver,” Blaze responded. Blaze looked over towards Drexel. “Who is this, Silver?” Blaze asked.

“I need your guys’ help,” Drexel replied.

“With what?” Blaze asked.

“Wait, you took me to Blaze’s world?” I asked.

“No questions are to be asked, understand. Today, an event will take place today that will drastically effect my existence in the future,” Drexel replied.

“What kind of event?” asked Blaze.

“There are many. Now, before I cause anymore issues, I am going to leave you both to it,” Drexel said.

“WHAT KIND OF EVENT!” Blaze roared. But Drexel turned, and with another bright flash of light, he was gone. Blaze and I cast confused looks.

“Blaze? What’s going on here today?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Silv. Today was predicted to be a normal day,” Blaze shrugged.

“I think that guy was trouble,” I said.

“We don’t know. I think we better do what he says.”


“For the sake of my world. And yours. If he was a threat, it may be wise to do as he says.”

“I don’t know, it sounds dodgy to me. We don’t even know him or where he comes from, he could be an Eggman mecha wanting to cause trouble.”

“Well, how about this? You rebel, and I obey. Got it?”

“What if we have to work together?”

“I don’t know. I suppose if he is unsatisfied, he will return.”
Blaze looked over to the side and thought for awhile. But she was still as confused as I was.

“Perhaps I can go to the future and see what’s gonna happen?” I asked.

“What if he’s not from the future, though? Let’s just do what he says,” Blaze replied.

“What is that? Tell me, Blaze,” I said.

“I don’t know, Silver,” Blaze shook her head. “But he brought us together for a reason, so let’s take the day as it comes,” she said. She started to head back into her castle. I just stood there, not sure what the hell to do. Blaze glanced back at me, and I realized I needed to follow her. I followed her into the castle. It was huge, and the medieval feel to it was interesting.

“Blaze, I haven’t seen you in years. How have you been?” I asked.

“I have been okay, Silver. How about you? How’s the future?” Blaze asked.

“The future is doing great. A little too great, actually,” I admitted. Suddenly, an older female cat walked down stairs and headed to us.
“Blaze! There you are, dear!” she said.

“Mom, this is my friend Silver,” Blaze said, pointing to me.

“Is he attending the wedding? GREAT!” the older cat giggled.

“Wedding?” I asked.

“I am to marry a prince from another land,” Blaze looked at the ground and closed her eyes.

“And he is PURRFECT! Huhu!” giggled the Queen.

“Could this be the event that Drexel wanted us to stop?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, Silver. I can’t escape this fate, I must marry him,” she said.

“Hold on, what if it is?” I said.

“Why would it be?” Blaze asked.

“What if marrying that prince causes Drexel to die?”

“How would that happen? It’s just a marriage. It doesn’t hurt anybody.”

“Blaze, I wouldn’t do this, if I were you.”

“I must.”

“BLAZE! You said yourself! We must do as Drexel says, right!? So don’t marry this prince!”

Blaze turned away, and I could tell she wasn’t happy.
“Blaze, do you even know this prince? Or love him?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Silver,” Blaze said sadly.

“The prince is very rich, and her father really likes him. I most certainly approve of this marriage!” the queen cut in.

“But what if Blaze doesn’t?” I inquired.

“She is to marry whoever the king wants, it’s sad but true,” said the queen. I looked at Blaze, whose head was hung again, then back at the queen. I felt a kind of anger that Blaze said she would obey Drexel but would marry the prince. But then I was also the one who said to rebel against Drexel’s request! I did not know what to do. Drexel just dropped me here without much explanation. Maybe Blaze needed to marry the prince. Maybe I am not SUPPOSED to stop it? I did not know what to do. And Blaze had said she did not know what event was coming. Suddenly the doors opened, and a royal court walked in, carrying a smug looking otter wearing a silk robe. The court stopped right in front of Blaze. The members carrying the otter walked ahead so that they were closer to Blaze. Another member walked ahead and threw down a velvety strip of carpet in front of the court. The court then set the otter down on the carpet.
“So, you’re this Blaze I am destined to marry?” said the otter.

“Um…” Blaze began. The otter took her hand and kissed it.

“Greetings, I am Prince Calherti. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” said the otter. Blaze pulled her hand away, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Um…” she said.

“And who might you be?” The otter looked at me with a decrease in attitude.

“I am Silver, Blaze’s friend,” I replied.

“Okay. Whatever. C’mon! I request that the princess and I are to marry right away!” Calherti called. He held his chin up proudly as the court picked him up again, and the smaller member picked up the carpet. It was like his feet was not allowed to touch dirty floor without his precious carpet.

“See? What a character! I heard his bathtub is made of silver!” the queen whispered to us.

“Silver tarnishes, ya know?” I reminded her.

“Of course he does!” Calherti had heard me. “You are tarnished and old, so I have no use for you!” I realized he was directing that statement to me. I gritted my teeth.

“Blaze, you’re not marrying him!” I said instantly.

“But-” Blaze began. But I grabbed him and took off.

“Oh! NO! After him!” Calherti told the court carrying him. Soon, we were being chased by a bunch of royal guards carrying a stuck-up prince.

“Silver, STOP! I need to marry him!” Blaze shrieked.

“Whether Drexel wants you to or not, I will not allow it!” I cried.

“Why!?” Blaze snarled.

“He is not right for you. You deserve somewhat to make you happy,” I told her gently.

“Silver…” Blaze began.

Since I did not know my way around, I ended up stopping at a dead-end. I turned and saw the court catching up with me. “I am sorry to burst your bubble, Silverware, but I am to marry Princess Blaze. Our fathers have agreed upon it, and you cannot escape fate,” Calherti reported. The court that carried him around were sweating and gasping for breath. Calherti, however, had not broke a single sweat and was looking proud of himself. The court seemed to be only allowed to hold him up above their heads, so that he didn’t touch their “dirty” clothing. I saw the windows beside me, and I focused my energy, and put pressure on them. The glass broke, and I pulled Blaze out through the window. Behind me, the court threw a silk sheet over Calherti’s head so no glass rained down on him.
“SILVER STOP! I must marry him!” Blaze roared.

“You must, but do you want to?” I asked. Blaze did not respond. We continued running, we headed to a jungle up ahead. After awhile, the court carrying Caherti tired out.

“What are you doing!? After them!” Caherti cried.

“My Lord, we cannot proceed,” panted one of the members.

“You HAVE to! I order you to!” Calherti sobbed.

“We can’t…” said another member.

“YOU HAVE TO! YOU HAVE TO! YOU HAVE TO!” Calherti screamed, sounding like a spoiled kid.

We ran deep into the forest, even though nobody was chasing us anymore. We both slipped and slid down a muddy hill. When we got up, Blaze looked at me. “SILVER! WHAT IF I NEEDED TO MARRY HIM!” Blaze cried.

“Blaze...I don’t want you to marry him. Because call me crazy...I think Drexel brought me here to protect you,” Silver said.

“Why? Why me? How do you know? What if he wanted you to KILL me? What if he wanted me to marry Calherti? Silver, we don’t know anything! You can’t assume something without any facts!” Blaze said, brushing mud off her tights.

“Drexel hasn’t come back yet, has he? I say we should make our own path. Like you said, we do what we can, and he will correct us if he isn’t satisfied,” I said.

“What if he isn’t watching us? What if he depends on us?” Blaze asked.

“He said his life was at our stake. He must be watching us. He would’ve given us more information if he wasn’t,” I explained.

“I guess…” Blaze began.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just muddy, is all,” Blaze said.

“Our safest bet is to go back to my dimension.”

“But Drexel brought us here for a reason. If he wanted me to go with you, he would’ve brought me to you.”

“Good point…”

“C’mon, let’s go.”

Blaze and I ventured through the forest. The mud beneath us was pretty slippery. The wet decomposing leaves didn’t help. It must have recently rained. “Blaze...who do you think Drexel is?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Silver,” Blaze said.

“Do you have any idea?” I said.

“He looks like you. He’s connected to us both in some way,” Blaze told me.

“Maybe he’s meant to marry you? Maybe he made me stop you from marrying Drexel so you could marry him,” I suggested.

“I don’t want to marry him. I don’t even know him,” Blaze pointed out.

“You didn’t know Calherti, either,” I reminded her.


“Of course Blaze...I just...I was…” I began.

“I am sorry, Silver. I am just...I hate the arranged marriages we have in this world,” Blaze sighed.

“If you want to marry someone you truly love, go for it. If you’re happy, I am happy.”

“If Drexel wanted us to stop the marriage, why didn’t he do that himself?”

“Maybe he chose me because I know you more?”

“Perhaps. I still am confused about all of this.”

“We’ll just take it as it comes, Blazey.”

We continued through the forest, despite it sprinkling off and on. I felt lost, extremely lost. So I took to following Blaze occasionally. “Where can we go that’s safe?” I asked.

“We just need to lose Calherti. He has until midnight tonight to marry me. I guess that’s one of the benefits of our arranged marriages,” Blaze explained.

“Then we need to be on the run until midnight?” I asked.

“Yes,” Blaze nodded. We headed through thick trees and brush. I noticed that there was a mosquito on Blaze’s ear. I went over to her gently. I did not want to hurt her, so I reached up and brushed it away. She jumped and glanced back in surprise.
“Sorry…there was a bug on you…” I blushed.
We continued on, I was getting sick of seeing so many trees. It felt like the trees were slowly consuming us. It got darker in here, I couldn’t tell if it was getting late or if the trees were so thick it blocked out the sunlight. “Do we have to keep going? I am pretty sure we lost them,” I said.

“Silver, I know a secret hideout we can go to nearby. I have gone there since I was a kitten. Nobody else knows about it, so we will go there,” Blaze explained.

“Is it in a tree?” I asked, looking at a walnut tree hopelessly. It seemed to reach out and grab me.

“No. Just follow me,” said Blaze. The trail we were taking got even narrower. The trees got close enough to where we were brushing against a lot of them. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. The trees seemed to reach out to grab me. The space around us got even tighter, and I stumbled a little. Blaze turned to see me. “Silv? You okay?” she asked worriedly.

“I am fine,” I lied. I used my telekinesis to move tree branches out of my way. Blaze just cocked her head curiously at me. I wished we could go into an open field right now. That sounds relieving. We headed through more tight spaces, much to my dismay. After what felt like an hour, we finally reached a tall, dazzling waterfall. Its cool, crystal waters were slapping the pool below. “Wow,” I said in awe. I had never seen a waterfall before. I had seen lava falls and mud slides, but never a waterfall. It was absolutely gorgeous. The appearance as well as the melodic sounds made me feel like I was in a paradise. But Blaze did not really seem to want to stop. She headed right for the falls. I followed her. Suddenly, she waded in the water. She looked beautiful, with the water engulfing her body. Then she turned around and I caught a glimpse of her twinkling yellow eyes. They were the same color as mine, though. But hers were way more beautiful.
“Follow me, Silver,” she said. Hesitantly, I made my way towards the water. The second it touched my skin, cold, sharp water stabbed my ankles. Ignoring that, I followed Blaze until I was waist deep. Then she dove right under. I sighed, took a deep breath, and plunged in after her. The view under the water was rather cloudy, thanks to the falling water hitting the surface. Bubbles and mist stirred up around me. But I caught a glimpse of lilac in the distance and went after it. Suddenly, it disappeared, and I saw a brown rock wall. I looked around, confused, until I saw a tail whip beneath me. I swam further down. At the bottom, I noticed a small cave. I narrowed my body and swam through the cave. I hated every second of being inside this narrow crevice. I was beginning to crave air. I swam a bit faster, until suddenly I slid on a sandy hill. I looked up above me and saw Blaze standing there. “You’re gonna squirm there like a fish out of water, or what?” she teased. I quickly got up and looked around. We were in a bigger cave. But it was bowl-sized all around. It was eight feet wide and about ten feet high. It was all sand, except for a big rock in the corner. Blaze ignited her hand and set it down to a pile of sticks. A firepit. Blaze must’ve brought it here before. It was cozy in here. I could hear the muffled waterfall outside. The sandy platform was being hugged by the water coming in through the entrance, but not enough to make it an island.
“This is cool, Blaze. It’s like a little secret clubhouse,” I remarked.

“I’ve come down here for a long time. Look over there,” she said. She pointed towards the wall, where colorful crayon and chalk drawings decorated the limestone. “I made that art when I was seven. Stupid, I know,” Blaze softly touched the chalky stick figures on the wall.

“This is incredible Blaze,” I said.

“Here, we will be safe from Calherti,” she said. “We can stay here until midnight hits.”

I looked at Blaze’s arms, and noticed a red gash on her upper arm.

“You’re bleeding!” I said worriedly.

“It’s fine,” she insisted, covering it with her hand. I reached back towards the water and splashed her wound with it. She gritted her teeth at the pain, but soon the blood was all gone. “Silver, I am glad you got me out of there. I have always hated the concept of forced marriage. But that’s a rule of my kingdom. I don’t think I will ever fall in love. Or know the concept of falling in love. What’s it like?” she asked. Her question caught me off guard. I rubbed the back of my neck.

“It’s like love someone unconditionally,” was the best thing I could think of.

“Unconditionally?” she asked.

“Yeah. Where you love someone, no matter what happens. No matter what their flaws, or any setbacks. They could rob a bank, but you could still love them,” I replied.

“I don’t know. That’s where I draw the line!” she said, and we exchanged laughs. “Do you ever think I’ll be able to experience love, though?” she said.

“It all depends. But I believe that, when you fall in love, you know it. It’s not something you really have to think about, it just sort of happens I guess,” I drew circles in the sand. Blaze laid back and rested in the sand. She closed her eyes. I watched her for a minute, and found her angelic. It took me a few minutes to realize she had fallen asleep. I laid down myself right next to her, and thanks to the water, I accompanied her slumber.

I woke up groggily. I felt a weight on me and moved my arms and legs around to stretch them out. “I love you,” said a voice behind me. Curiously, I turned around sleepily, and saw Blaze. I hadn’t quite realized what she said because I was still half-asleep myself. Eventually, I fell back asleep.

“SILVER! SILVER WAKE UP!” cried a voice. My eyes opened and I saw Blaze looking at me.

“Blaze?” I asked.

“It’s midnight now. We can get out of here!” Blaze told me.

The water was warmer this time, but it was still a jerk to my sleepy system. When we emerged into the outside world, I was greeted with millions of stars in the sky. Once again, something I never saw, since I was a city dweller. “Well, I guess...I can leave then, since I stopped the wedding,” I said.

“Um...yeah,” Blaze seemed disheartened by what I said. “But where’s Drexel?”

“Who knows?” I said.

“Maybe you are not done yet. Come with me to the castle,” Blaze instructed.

We thought we were in the clear, but Calherti was there waiting for us. “Finally, you decided to return,” he said.

“You are not able to marry me now! It’s passed midnight!” Blaze insisted.

“That’s usually the case, but the King made a slight bend to the rule,” Calherti leered.

“WHAT!?” Blaze roared.

“Now, you must be my wife. And Silver, the King has instructed me that if you are to kidnap Blaze again, you will hereby be executed,” said Calherti.

“NO!” I insisted. Using my telekinesis, I had Calherti and his guards up in the air.

“WHAT!? What sorcery is this!? Are you a wizard!?” Calherti bawled.

“Blaze doesn’t love you! You want to marry her for her Emeralds, or to put her in submission! She deserves better than you!” I said. Using my powers, I threw the lot into the stone wall. Then I seized Blaze and made a second run for it. We hadn’t gone far, when I saw Drexel standing there in the grass. “THERE YOU ARE! Have we saved you!?” Silver asked.

Drexel smiled, and nodded. “So far, so good,” Drexel said, and relief swept me like a broom. Suddenly, Drexel flashed, like he was a light. He began to disappear in and out of existence. This kind of thing I recognized.

“You’re from the future! That’s why you needed my help!” I cried.

“Yes! And for some reason, I am still in danger! I am still ceasing to exist!” Drexel cried.

“Why!?” I cried.

“I don’t know!” Drexel said.

“YOU NEED TO TELL US! I won’t accept ignorance anymore!” I roared. Suddenly, our question was answered. Blaze suddenly choked, and I looked over and saw that an arrow had pierced her stomach. My own stomach dropped to my feet. Apparently, a careless guard had missed me, and hit her.

“Sil...ver,” Blaze choked, collapsing.

BLAZE!” I sobbed. As a result of this, Drexel’s flashes got longer, as his existence was now in more trouble. “BLAZE!” I cried, reaching for the arrow.

“Stop! Get her help! My life depends on…” Drexel began, but he flashed out of existence again.

“ needed me to protect Blaze? All this time? Your life depends on her existence?” I asked.

“Save her,” Drexel choked, and then in another flash, he was gone. It didn’t make sense. That couldn’t mean Drexel was her lover...could it? I didn’t have time to think now. I used my telekinesis to pick up the injured cat, and I made a run for it. Arrows whizzed past me. One grazed my leg, breaking the tendons inside. I yelped but kept going. The wound was hot and stinging madly. I ran back into the forest. I kept making sure Blaze was okay. She appeared to not even be moving. At this, I ran faster. I couldn’t teleport while I was holding her with my powers, which was a downfall. I kept on running, even though my lungs were begging for mercy. This time, I jumped over the slippery mud hill we slid down earlier. I had no idea who to go to, or what to do. I couldn’t afford to get lost in these woods. I tried to follow our path from earlier, but I accidentally got off course and was going through dark, spooky trees. I didn’t care though. Suddenly, crows were circling Blaze. I lowered her down into my arms. Using my powers again, I sent those crows away. Now I could teleport. I jumped up and made my way over the trees. This scared more crows out of the trees. I flew over a broken bridge. It was a good idea I was teleporting now. I carried the injured cat princess until I saw smoke in the distance. Instinctively, I flew towards it. The smoke was coming from a tiny hut on the outskirts of the forest, near the waters. I descended down to the ground and knocked rapidly on the door.

The door opened to expose a tired raccoon. “What in the bloody hell…? WHA!” she exclaimed.

“Blaze has been hurt! I am her friend, Silver!” I hastily exclaimed.

“You came to the right place, mate! My name is Marine! Get in!” she said.

Marine was able to contact a doctor in this dimension while we rested Blaze on Marine’s bed. I stayed by Blaze’s side the whole time and wiped her forehead with a nice cold rag. She didn’t have a fever, but I suspected the cold rag to feel nice to her. She was luckily still alive, but barely. The doctor came in a flash, and unfortunately for me, wanted privacy while he worked. So I waited outside the door.
“Hey, mate, sit down. I’ll make ya some tea,” Marine said, pointing to a chair near the door. I sat in it. It was awfully small and low but I didn’t care. Marine brought back some nice warm green tea. After that, I was put to sleep.

I woke up with Marine nudging me. “Mate, mate. The arrow’s out of her body now. She’s all stitched up and good,” Marine said. The doctor emerged from the bathroom, carrying his bloody gloves. I got up and went into Marine’s bedroom. Blaze was laying there. Deeply asleep. I went to her and kissed her cheek without a second thought. At this, her eyes started to open.

“” she asked.

“Blaze, I am here for you, you should rest now,” I assured her.

“Uncon...ditional love…?” she asked. She weakly and sleepily looked up at me. “Unconditional….love.….I love you,” she choked. Then she rested her head on the pillow and went back to sleep. It took me a second to realize what she’d said. My heart did a backflip.

“C’mon, now, let’s let her rest,” the doctor’s voice said behind me. I went back to the chair and just stared in the distance.

“Mate, she’ll be okay. Why do you still seem troubled?” Marine asked when I sat back down with a blank stare.

“She...She says she loves me,” I said in awe.

“It’s the anesthesia, mate. She’s delirious. I’m sure she only meant that platonically,” Marine assured me. But for some reason, hearing all that made me feel a bit disheartened. I stood up and went outside. If it weren’t for the clouds and light rain, the sun would’ve been coming up in the horizon. Suddenly, there was a flash in front of me. Drexel returned, in full vivid color.

“You saved me,” Drexel responded happily.

“Your life is saved?” I asked.

“For now,” Drexel said.

“But why the marriage? Why Blaze?” I asked.

Drexel looked at the floor and smiled. “I’m sure you’d love to know, but I don’t know if you can handle the truth right this second. Give it a bit more time, and I may tell you,” he said. Then he took off into the wood.

“STOP! I WANNA KNOW NOW!” I cried after him. But he was long gone. I turned around and went back inside. I collapsed on a couch and eventually fell asleep.

I slept for quite awhile, Marine woke me up with the smell of cooking bacon. I immediately got up and went to Marine’s room. Blaze was in there, awake, rubbing her eyes. “BLAZE!” I said happily.

“SILVER!” Blaze exclaimed. I went to her and hugged her without a second thought. She hugged back. She felt so warm and soft.

“Blaze...listen, I am sorry about this,” I said.

“Don’t be. You saved me from eternal sadness. Thank you, Silver,” Blaze whispered.

“You’re...thanking me!?” I pulled away.

“Yes. You helped me. Now I don’t have to marry Calherti anymore,” Blaze said.

“But I thought your father extended the delay days of the wedding with him?” I said.

“He did. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because I am not going to marry him.”

“What do you mean!?”

“This is what I mean.”

Suddenly, my lips were being engulfed by hers. My heart immediately picked up speed at this. I realized now. She didn’t have to marry Calherti anymore because she was finally in love. With me. I happily accepted her kiss, and kissed back. It was amazing and warm, and I realized I loved her back.

After a good breakfast Marine made, we were headed out, holding hands. We stopped and waited for any appearance from Drexel, but when there was none, I took her and finally transported to my world. Drexel did not stop us. But I was glad to know that by taking her here, she would be safe. Safe from Calherti. I would protect her. No sooner than we got to my world, when Blaze turned to me.
“Silver, the future. The perfect future you described. I want to see it,” Blaze said. I was a bit surprised at her request, but nodded and grabbed her and went to the utopia.

When I got there though, I noticed that it looked a lot more like the past. There were no more guards on the corners. Police cars whizzed by, chasing after a thug. What happened to the utopia? Why was there crime now? “Wow, this future, it IS great!” Blaze remarked.

“But…” I began.

“There is no fire, no hell. Everything is the way it should be!” Blaze said happily. She turned to me. “You’re doing great, Silver. I am proud of you.” She went in and kissed me again, and my confusion melted and became love again, as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer. “I know what unconditional love is, Silver,” she said.

“How?” I asked.

“You stood by my side. Even though I was hurt. I was in that situation. You still remained with me. I could tell you really care about me, Silver,” Blaze told me softly, kissing my cheek.

“Of course I do, Blaze. I love you,” I told her softly back, kissing her cheek in return.

“I love you, too, Silver,” Blaze said.

“Want to look around?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said. I ascended into the air with my powers, and took her with me. She was surrounded in a cyan aura. Holding hands, we flew over this metropolis. It was not a dystopia. It was not a utopia. It was in between, and that was THE perfect world. The world needs a balance between good and bad. In order to truly appreciate the good, we need to experience the bad. Without the bad, we will not be able to grow stronger. We need the best of both worlds. When Blaze and I descended, we landed on the soft sands of a beach. We exchanged another kiss, only to be interrupted by a familiar voice.

“You guys did it,” Drexel said.

“You owe us an explanation,” Blaze said.

“Indeed I do. If you had gotten married to Calherti, I would have ceased to exist. I needed Silver to save you, so my future will be promised. And now it is,” Drexel said.

“And how exactly would you cease to exist without us?” I wanted to know.

“You guys haven’t figured it out already!?” Drexel chuckled. He looked at me. “You really ARE naive!”

“HEY!” I cried. “But how did you know that?”

Drexel just chuckled and shook his head. “Thank you. Thanks to both of you, I have a guaranteed future,” he smiled and then looked at me. “Thank you, Dad. For saving Mom.” And with that smile still on his face, he disappeared in a flash of light.

The End
Silver's Sweet Salvage
Please don't kill me guys :iconhideplz: I am entitled to like other couples too :XD: I actually enjoyed writing this.
Eggman Nega, Blaze, and Sonic were whipped through many other dimensions. To Blaze, it was a repeat of when she arrived in Sonic’s dimension, only reverse. They landed on the soft grass in the dimension, this time all together. Nega grunted as he tried to get up. But Blaze stepped on his body.
“You will leave,” she said.

“Leave?” Nega asked weakly.

“Leave this Kingdom,” Blaze instructed.

“You are banishing me!?” Nega bawled.

“You are a threat to this Kingdom and its inhabitants. You will leave this Kingdom, never to return. You have murdered the King and Queen, and thus shall pay the price,” Blaze said.

“You can’t make me. You are just a wee kitten,” Nega argued.

“No, I can’t. But if you are to return, I will put upon you what you put upon my family. An eternal infierno that will roast you into a nice fluffy omelette!” Blaze had a fire dancing in her eyes. She took her foot off Nega and let him get up. He began to limp away. Blaze watched him until he was a dark speck. She heard Sonic shuffling behind her as he got up.

“This is...your kingdom?” said Sonic in awe.

“That’s right,” Blaze replied sternly, turning to look at him. Her authority-like tone and stare dissipated the second she saw his gorgeous green eyes.
“Now I know not to tick you off,” Sonic chuckled weakly.

“Come with me. I will show you around,” she said softly. She took Sonic’s hand and walked with him across the grassy fields towards her castle. Sonic looked at it in awe as they approached. But instead of going straight for the front door, Blaze pulled him around to the side. The walls here were melted and scorched something terrible. And even though this was at least a decade old, there was still a hint of burnt wood amongst it. Blaze reached down to the ground and picked up a dead plant that was charcoal black and handed it to Sonic. Sonic looked at it and felt bad for the kitten princess. She had lost her parents to the one element she utilized. And it was partially her fault. Because thanks to her pyrokinesis, the Light Crystals were able to activate and destroy her castle and parents. Her father had been the main pyrokinesis source, but with having the Sol Emeralds on hand, he was able to prevent quite a lot of fire transfer to the crystals.
“The man was right. I did kill my parents,” she wept.

“No you didn’t. Nega did, remember? He had the crystals,” Sonic put his arm around her and pulled her close.

“But the crystals are attracted to flame…! My father could control fire too, but...thanks to the Sol Emeralds, the Light Crystals were not able to absorb much of his power…” Blaze said sadly. The princess hung her head and looked at the other scorched plants below her. As she stared at it, tears began to drizzle down her cheeks.
“Blazey, don’t cry, please don’t cry. I’m here for you,” Sonic wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She turned around and buried her head in his shoulders. She tried not to show weakness to him by crying, but it was too much. Sonic softly caressed the curve of her back. Her velvety fur was still nice and flowing despite all the dirt and mud it had collected from their cave adventure. Sonic still held her and caressed her tight. Suddenly Blaze burst into uncontrollable tears. “Blazey,” Sonic whispered worriedly.

“I’m’s just...since then...there’s been a huge whirlpool inside of me!” Blaze blubbered, tightening her grip on Sonic.

“Well, in this case, we will make an exception. Blaze, I want you to cry as hard as you can. Let it all out Blazey. I will continue to hold you,” Sonic told her. Blaze did what he said and started crying until her sinuses were sore and her eyes and nose raw. Sonic caressed her back and head gently and softly the whole time the kitten cried. When she finally stopped, she scooted closer to Sonic.
“I love you,” he whispered into the kitten’s ear softly.

“Sonic, why do you stay with me? I am an emotional mess,” Blaze sniffled.

“I just told you, silly kitty. I love you, that’s why. It’s not right to abandon someone I love,” Sonic replied lovingly, continuing to caress the soft kitten.

“Sonic...I love you, too...but now you’ll leave me!” Blaze wept, pulling away.

“No I won’t,” Sonic insisted.

“You will! You have to go back!” Blaze sighed.

“Oh...yeah, that. I do,” Sonic’s head hung. “But we will see each other again. I PROMISE YOU BLAZEY. I will pester Tails to death until he whips out a device that allows me to come see you. Because, Blaze, I LOVE YOU!” Sonic grabbed her shoulders and looked sincerely into her dandelion yellow irises. He reached up and caressed her soft cheek delicately. Then he reached over and took off the bandages on his arms and handed them to Blaze. “Keep these, I have craploads at home,” Sonic told her.

“Why?” Blaze asked, rubbing her swampy eyes.

“Because I was wearing them the first time we kissed,” Sonic told her. This was the first time he brought it up since it happened; she had always thought it was a dream. But it was confirmed to be real. She took the bandages from him and leaned over and kissed him hard. Her lips were salty from the tears, but that did not bother him a single bit, as he kissed her back. In fact, he softly licked the salt off her lips, believing that her angelic lips shouldn’t be contaminated with remnants of sorrow.Blaze blushed as he licked her lips. It was ticklish but nice, made her body tingle. “Now, enough with the sadness,” Sonic pulled away and kicked dirt back towards the scorched plants, covering them. “Let’s see the inside of the house where a beautiful feline princess lives,” Sonic smiled.

The tour of Blaze’s castle took almost two hours. Sonic seemed pretty worn out by this point as they descended the stairs to the roof. Blaze was not tired at all, she walked these stairs and plenty of others her whole life. When they reached the roof, Sonic whistled at the picturesque view. Miles and miles of rolling green hills speckled with many trees. On the other side was a great view of the apple orchard, which was one of Blaze’s food sources. Which was a great place to start for her. She showed him every single resource she relied upon to live. She showed him the apple orchards up close, which were way taller than any apple trees he’d seen. She showed him other fruit trees, a vegetable garden that, apparently, unlike his world, produced something new no matter what the season. “These tomatoes and other vegetables are able to thrive in the winters, thanks to my pyrokinesis. I put a fiery dome around them, kind of like a greenhouse,” she said as she picked a tomato and handed it to him. He bit into it, and was surprised to find it nice and juicy. It was actually sweeter than tomatoes in his world, it tasted like he was eating ketchup balls. The lettuce here was a different color, it was bright yellow. But it tasted the same as lettuce in his world, only crispier. Sonic was absolutely intrigued by the differences between their worlds. By the time she was showing him her milk goats, he was pretty well full from trying so many fruits and vegetables. But he was still unable to resist the nice, fresh, raw goats milk. It was warm but sweet. He wasn’t sure he liked it as well as cow’s milk, though. After that, she showed him the crystal clear river over the hill. “This is where I get my water source. It travels through pipes to my home,” she said. Curiously, Sonic kneeled down and took a drink. The water was icy and crisp, and really refreshing. Of course it had a hint of dirt and the environment, but apart from that it tasted great. Blaze also showed him the mulberry trees near the creek. The tree was covered in silkworms, and that was where her mother used to make the clothing. She plucked a tiny white ball off one of the branches and handed it to Sonic. It was smooth and sturdy; it was a silk ball. “That’s a silkworm cocoon. It’s not ready yet though; I can’t harvest the silk yet,” she explained as he handed it back.

“This is amazing get all of your resources by yourself?” Sonic asked in surprise.

“I do. I know it may seem like this, but I do not just sit around guarding the Sol Emeralds all day,” she explained. Suddenly Sonic wrapped her in a hug and kissed her. They kissed until Blaze felt a strange tickle on her ear. She gasped and pulled away and frantically brushed at her ears. A silkworm toppled out of her fur and hit the ground. Sonic began to chuckle at how frizzy and fluffy her hair was. Blaze began to chuckle too, because his laugh was contagious and also at the fact that she got all freaked out because of a silkworm.

Blaze had never felt less alone in her dimension. She and Sonic chased each other and played in the river together. Blaze made him a delicious lamb dinner with roasted vegetables. “Wow, you’re a better cook than Amy,” Sonic remarked after taking his first bite.

“Oh, come on!” Blaze said modestly.

“You are,” Sonic told her sincerely. After they ate, Blaze took their plates and headed for the kitchen. “I can do that,” Sonic insisted, stopping her.

“Wha-?” Blaze asked, stunned.

“I got the dishes Blazey girl, let me take them,” he kissed her nose and took the dishes from her and headed for the kitchen. She followed him and began to throw the ingredients of apple pie together. The apples were fresh from the orchard, and were nice and plump. While the pie baked, Sonic and Blaze laid on the roof together watching the sunset. They did not say or do anything, just cuddled and enjoyed the fresh air. Sonic yawned and put his arms behind his head. Suddenly Blaze crawled on top of him. He blushed something furious when he felt her body close in on his. She started kissing him somewhat shyly, but once he wrapped his arms around her, she eventually warmed up to this new position. They continued to kiss like this until the stars began to pop out above them. Their kisses remained simple, soft, and innocent. Even though Blaze was in the right position, they never strayed past the delicate kisses. Suddenly Blaze stopped and got up. “THE PIE!” she shrieked. She raced downstairs with Sonic behind. The smell of burnt pie had wafted all the way to the second floor. Luckily there was no fire. But the pie was as burnt as the plants outside. “Aww,” she said sadly. “I feel stupid! DUMB!” she cried.

“Don’t, hehe. It’s kinda cute,” Sonic chuckled.

“What do you MEAN!?” Blaze cried, not believing what he was saying right now.

“My beautiful kitten makes mistakes. It’s kinda cute, the way she tries to be perfect. But she doesn’t need to be, because she’s already perfect for me,” Sonic reassured her, pulling her in for a hug and holding onto her.

“But I burnt the pie,” she said sadly.

“So? Not like I can do any better,” Sonic chuckled, caressing her back. “You are a great cook, I’ve seen first hand. You just got distracted by my good looks, heh!” Sonic winked. After they cleaned up the mess, Blaze still seemed disheartened. So Sonic hugged her and kissed her gently, and she found that his lips were better than any apple pie she ever had.

That night, they were too caught up with love for each other to realize that Sonic needed to go soon. Blaze headed for her room and felt a presence behind her. “Where am I sleeping, princess?” Sonic asked.

“In here,” she said happily. Sonic’s face went bright red.
“You sure?” he asked shyly.

“Of course,” she replied. She disappeared into the closet for a minute, then came back out in a silk nightgown undoubtedly spun from the silkworms. She climbed into her bed, and Sonic kicked off his shoes and followed suit.
“Heh, cozy,” he remarked. He was too shy to move closer to her, but she scooted up to him and used his stomach as a pillow. She smiled as she heard his stomach growling as it digested the lamb dinner she’d made. She moved her head further up his torso and caught wind of his heartbeat. She smiled even more as she listened to its gentle melody. She felt him kiss her head.

“Love you Blazey,” Sonic whispered to her.

“Love you too, Sonic,” she replied happily yet sleepily.

Blaze was suddenly ripped out of sleep by an uncomfortable force, like someone was pulling her out of bed. She opened her eyes and felt groggy. She looked at Sonic and saw he was wide awake, and looking upset. “Sonic?” she asked worriedly.

“’s time for me to go,” he choked, pointing. She turned and saw the source of the pulling sensation: a portal in front of her bed that displayed Sonic’s world.

“NO! OUTRUN IT!” she cried.

“I don’t think I can...the pull is getting stronger. It won’t go away unless I...go through,” Sonic told her sweetly but sadly. Blaze then wrapped her arms and legs around his body and pinned him down. She could feel the pull of the portal. “Blaze, you have to stay here,” he said.

“NO!” she sobbed.

“Your dimension will collapse if you go back! I will come back, Blazey baby, I promise!” Sonic insisted. The pull was now so strong, it was dragging the couple across the bed. Blaze did not release her grip on him.
“I REFUSE TO LET GO!” Blaze wept.

“BLAZE! YOU HAVE TO!” Sonic grabbed her head and looked at her straight on. “BLAZE! I LOVE YOU! I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!” Sonic cried, and he kissed her quickly. But the force of the portal was so strong, it grabbed all of the moisture out of the kiss, so the kiss was dry and cold, like what Blaze’s heart was becoming. Sonic did not want to leave as much as Blaze did, but he knew he needed to. He got off the bed, with the kitten latched on tight to his body. He struggled to walk due to the portal, and then he put his shoes on. “Blaze, let go,” he whispered into her ear.

NO!” she bawled.

“You have to,” he told her back, his voice staggering from held back tears.

NO! NO! NO! NO! Don’t leave me!” her tears were being swallowed by the vacuum portal.

“I have to, Blaze! BUT I AM COMING BACK! I SWEAR!” Sonic’s tears joined hers. She looked at his teary eyes, and saw the sincerity. The portal was getting so strong, they had to yell over the force. “I LOVE YOU!” he screamed, kissing her one last time. Blaze still held on though, but loosened her body. Sonic did not force her off of him, but he did not fight the suction of the portal.
I LOVE YOU! SONIC!” Blaze blubbered. Suddenly a bright light filled the room, and she couldn’t see her boyfriend anymore.

”Let go, Blaze…”


“Blaze...I must go now...I love you. Goodbye.”

The suction suddenly stopped, as if a plug had been put in it. Blaze opened her eyes, suddenly hoping he managed to fight the portal and it was now gone. But no. She was all alone in her room now. She was clinging onto the air. The portal must have finally grabbed him and swallowed him in, even with her still latched on.
“Goodbye Sonic,” she wept, looking at the place where he was sucked in.

With Sonic:
Sonic was not bothered by the pain of the transportation. As soon as he hit the ground of his dimension, he began weeping in the grass.
“SONIC! SONIC! There you are! I’ve been looking all over! Are you okay!?” Tails yelled as he, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks ran up.

“I need to see her again,” Sonic wept. “I love her. I need to see her again, TAILS!” he begged, grabbing onto Tails’ knees.

“I can work on something, Sonic,” Tails reassured him.

“You can?” Sonic asked sadly.

“Yes. It may be hard, and it may take awhile. But I will certainly try,” Tails said.

“THANKS TAILS!” Sonic cried, hugging his buddy. Amy looked at Sonic worriedly, not at all upset that her crush liked Blaze. She had suspected it this whole time, and after seeing Sonic’s sorrow of the separation, she couldn’t help but feel bad for him, and therefore being happy the two were together.
“Sonic,” Amy said. Sonic looked up at the pink hedgehog. “We will all help,” she said. Sonic couldn’t help but smile through his tears.

“I can collect whatever Shinies you’ll need to see her! And whatever Tails needs!” Sticks agreed.

“And I’ll punch ANY Eggman who stands in your way!” Knuckles added.

“Thanks guys...I really appreciate it,” Sonic said, hanging his head and crying again, but this time out of relief. Amy and Sticks hugged him, and Knuckles patted his shoulder.

Blaze could not go back to sleep after he left, even though it was four in the morning. She just wrapped herself with his bandages. They smelled strongly of him. She often used them to wipe her tears away. She would’ve taken two burnt pies over this. But she knew she would see him again. She would do whatever it took. He helped her get over her wretched past...and she owed it to him. She also owed it to him to protect her dimension, and the Sol Emeralds. That way he had a place to come back to. After a few hours, she realized she will be okay. She couldn’t help but smiled as Sonic’s scent from the bandages flooded her nose.

”I love you, Sonic.”

“I love you, too, Blazey.”

The End

Sonaze Boom Last Chapter

The last bit with Sonic leaving a good description of how I feel everytime Lightning and I are forced to part ways :(

Halfway There...

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AndyVader-BugBrawler Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya sis. What have you been up to lately? :aww: :smooch:
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Moonlightshine364 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Artist
Hey, can you make more Sonaze fanfics? I can't wait!Scootaloo (Squee) Plz 
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AndyVader-BugBrawler Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya sis. :aww: :huggle:
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AstralSonic Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I made a gift for you! :meow:…
AndyVader-BugBrawler Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey sis...:iconsickplz:
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Moonlightshine364 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2015  Student Artist
I love your Sonaze stories. I started t develop an interest in Sonaze becasue of you. :iconawwplz:
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AstralSonic Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Good evening Alice, how are you? :) 
If you haven't heard already, in celebration of :iconsonazegroup: surpassing 64 members, I would like to gibe the Sonaze community a gift from me. I will be trying my best to draw as many Sonaze fan children as possible, and I would love to ask if I may include your Sonaze fan children. :) If so, please send me a link to their character design and names on this journal:Sonaze Children Gift

The reason I need you to send it there is so that I may keep track of all the names and FC's. Thank you very much! :D
AndyVader-BugBrawler Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconsonicthehedgehogplz: Blazey. :smooch:
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Hiya sis. :aww: :hug:
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Hey sis. :aww:
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:aww: :huggle:
AstralSonic Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey sis, how's it going? :) I'm sorry to hear that Light is gone, but don't you worry, you'll be together again before you know it ;) 
Remember that time you told me that the Virtual Conflict series wasn't getting much love or praise? Well, I got some good news for you! :D Apparently a lot of my followers and new coming followers LOVE the series, and expect me to draw only that for the rest of my time on Miiverse (until I finish it). Here are some links with the comments of a few people (And by the way, my username is Sonku =P )………
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AndyVader-BugBrawler Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey sis! Check it out! :la:

AndyVader Productions Logo Animation by KingAsylus91
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Happy Valentine's Day sis! :aww: :hug:
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Hey sis, are you doing anything at the moment? =)
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:icongameandwatchplz: Nyeh. :aww: :huggle:
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Hey sis. :aww: :huggle:
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AstralSonic Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey Sis, how are ya? :D It's been a while since we last spoke, just wanted to check on things and make sure everything's A-OK with you :) 
I'm sorry about the delay for Virtual Conflict, today was a rough day because I had to wake up sooo early for a half-marathon race, but now, I just need to focus on only three artworks and then I can focus my works on your comic :) So how are you? :D
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:iconsuperglompplz: :giggle:
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