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Welcome to my gallery!!! My art is not very good, I know, but if you're a rare person who actually likes my art, I REALLY appreciate your feedback.

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Sonic and Amy: Valentines day by Winter-Wanderer

This is absolutely stunning, the effects and detail in this are very vivid. The grass looks real and the blurred background shows great...

Sonaze - January by Sonicguru

Okay with this temporary premium membership, I'm writing a critique! :D I like the style and the colors. The only real flaw I'm seeing h...




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Sonic just stared in disbelief. “In the internet? We are the internet!?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah, we are only able to give a command via binary, and I bet you that current I got stuck in earlier was a digital circuit. Come on, let’s ride it and see where it takes us,” Tails suggested somewhat excitedly. Sonic wasn’t sure, but at this point he would do anything to find Blaze. He really hoped she did not get lost deep inside the internet; a place that was very hard to reach. Lost in the zeroes and ones of unknown certainty. “I think it’s kind of interesting if I think about it. We will be seeing what goes on inside the digital world!” Tails said happily. He grabbed Sonic’s hand and took off in the air and hovered up to the digital circuit above. Tails flew for what felt like hours. Suddenly, Sonic was blown out of Tails’ hands by a frigid watery air and was pulled along with it. Tails followed suit. “This is the circuit!” Tails explained to a relatively shocked Sonic. The best friends sped rapidly through the circuit. As Tails explained, it was cold, airy, and dewy, almost like riding along a thick fog. “We have now become nothing but mere digital logic; we are travelling at about roughly 5 gigahertz. To put that in perspective, it’s about the speed of light in fiber optics,” Tails explained. Of course that made no sense to Sonic, it was too big of a concept to grasp. The digital circuit sent them around right angles and straight up or down.

“When does it stop?” Sonic asked.

“Whenever we want it to. Hey, let’s get out here,” Tails grabbed Sonic’s arm suddenly and they exited the circuit and landed on an invisible platform much like the one in the first area they were in. Everything looked the same, except this area was more circular.

“I don’t know where we are, everything looks the same to me!” Sonic moaned.

“We are on another blank webpage, only this one is for a different internet browser. Hmm...I guess we actually need to order in a location. How about Google?” Tails said. And he spoke the binary code for Google, and immediately the invisible platform below Sonic and Tails dropped, and they were falling to the endless abyss below. They fell amongst the endless walls that had that unidentified color, which Sonic decided to just call No Color, even though it was relatively a combo of different colors. It just had no English name. The No Color walls darkened, and soon Sonic and Tails were falling into darkness. Both were too confused and stunned to yell about the fact of falling. The internet had no definite gravity, so it was hard to tell where the hell they would be going. The blackness ended, and was replaced with a huge white space. They landed--thankfully unharmed--on another invisible platform. This time everything around them was white. Though instead of blank white walls, there were all kinds of strange coding that Sonic did not understand. There were “div ids”, “scripts”, “classes”, “heads”, “heights”, “body’s”, and more. That coding was plastered on the walls all around them. “The hell? This is Google?” Sonic asked.

“Yup,” Tails said.

“What’s all the coding? It doesn’t say ‘Google’ anywhere!” Sonic cried.

“It’s HTML Sonic...boy, you need some IT stuff to learn,” Tails shook his head.

“ do we find Blaze?” Sonic asked.

“We can’t Google her, unfortunately. Well, we can, but we won’t find the actual Blaze. What we will most likely find, however, is many different representations of her.”

“What do you mean?”

“She put pictures online, people like to draw pictures of her, yadda yadda. I won’t go into much detail on that one.”


“In order to conduct a Google search, we need to use binary.”

“Knock yourself out.”

“I might have an idea where Blaze could be...she might be on one of the websites I had left tabbed. We will go visit each one and see if she’s in any of them. Alright.”
And Tails spoke in the zeroes and ones again, and the coding around them changed. In quotation marks in a few of the HTML instructions, the words “Station Square Web Shop” appeared. Tails was speaking those words in binary, but they translated into English between the quotes on the HTML around them. After Tails finished speaking, the floor dropped again, and they were falling in white this time. And rows and rows of binary zipped past them, blending in with various codes such as HTML, XHTML, C++, C#, JavaScript, CSS, XML, and other programming things that seemed French to Sonic. He was glad that he did not have to read all of that just to understand how to surf the internet OUTSIDE the computer. Finally they landed on once again ANOTHER invisible platform, surrounded by MORE code. “Ugh, this is Geek Central. This is kind of yawn-inducing. Can you ask everything in binary to speak English? It might be more fun for me,” Sonic yawned, stretching his legs.

“Afraid not. Binary is the only language a computer can understand,” Tails replied.

“My brain hurts,” Sonic sighed.

“I have to search for the mechanical parts I searched earlier, that way I can go to the webpage where Blaze is at,” Tails explained.

“It’s an open tab, though,” Sonic said.

“Yeah, but we are on a separate tab. While we can easily shift between tabs while we are on the internet, it is a WHOLE different story INSIDE the internet,” Tails said.

“UGH! Tediosity!” Sonic groaned. Tails spoke more binary, and, another drop later, they landed on an invisible platform. To their luck, Blaze WAS there. “BLAZE! You are okay!” Sonic exclaimed happily.

“What’s happened? Where are we? What’s all this coding?” Blaze asked, running to them.

“We are inside the internet. What you will see is binary and HTML. Don’t worry, I understand it all. I can help navigate through it and get our way out of here. Now that we are all together, we need to come up with a way to get out of here!” Tails explained.

“Hmm...maybe we can send ourselves in an email around and around until we get to a computer with a flash drive. There we can get on to the flash drive and free ourselves,” Sonic suggested.

“Good idea, but, how will we get out of the flash drive? Right now, we are digital codes. We need a way to...devirtualize somehow,” Tails said.

“I’m getting this kind of deja vu right now...wasn’t there some kind of cartoon that was a lot like this back then…? It was like these kids that saved the world on this virtual video game or something,” Sonic said.

“I don’t know,” Tails shrugged.

“These kids were able to get virtualized and devirtualized off this video game thing.”

“I dunno, but that was a cartoon show. This is real, and we need to find a way to get out of the internet. We are digital inscriptions right now!”

“What if we went back the way Eggman sent us?” Blaze asked.

“We don’t even know how he sent us in! Some kind of...installation, I presume…” Tails said.

“Couldn’t we delete the installation?” Sonic asked.

“Doing that would delete us as well. We are part of the internet. If we were to delete our surroundings, we would be deleting us. And we don’t want that.”

“What if we contacted the outside world?” Blaze asked.

“Like...aliens?” Sonic chuckled.

“No. You mentioned emails earlier. We can send an email to Knuckles, and maybe he can figure out information from Eggman,” Blaze suggested.

“GREAT IDEA! Only thing is...Knuckles may mark our email as spam...he may not believe us!” Tails cried.

“We have to try!” Blaze said.

“Alright, we will do that. I will go to Knuckles’ email software and send him an email,” Tails said. He flew up into the air and started speaking in binary, and suddenly they were falling again. Tails swooped after them. Blaze immediately grabbed onto Sonic because of the height. When she did, Sonic’s entire body relaxed and warmed up immediately. And not just from her unusually feverish body temperature. When they landed on another invisible platform with more white walls and code, Blaze let go as if nothing happened. Sonic felt slightly disheartened by this. Tails spoke more binary, and the coding nearest to them separated and became a giant rectangle. Text appeared inside the rectangle, in English, as Tails spoke them in binary:

Hi, it’s Tails. Listen, we are in a bit of a predicament. Eggman pushed us into the internet. Now we are stuck in here as digital codes. We need your help to figure out what Eggman did. Maybe try figuring out how he got us in, and possibly how we can get out. Email me back for more credentials.

“Okay. We need to get out of here fast, because if Knuckles deletes that email, we will be deleted along with it. And if he marks it as spam, we will be locked here and will never be able to escape,” Tails said hastily.

“Sheesh. The internet is cruel,” Sonic remarked.

“But how will we get notified if he emails back?” Blaze asked.

“It will notify me in binary. We are stuck in the internet, but we are also stuck inside my laptop. Therefore, we have access to the files on my desktop. So we can perform tasks off the internet as well,” Tails replied.

“So what now?” Blaze asked.

“Well, I’d hacked into Eggman’s computer. But he had caught me. An option we have is I can try rehacking into it, but it will be more dangerous. And Eggman might delete us. But it will be the only way out because the vortex that sucked us into the internet is installed into my laptop. I can’t get the file that will uninstall us without accessing Eggman’s credentials. That’s where Knuckles can help, he can give us information on a specific file that will uninstall us. Problem with that is, we are digital files. So the only way we can get out of here in normal forms is how you would normally get things off the internet into physical form…” Tails began.

“Printing…” Sonic said.

“Yes. Luckily for us, we were sucked into the internet after 3D printing was invented. Otherwise we would have to make extra measures that would make it more difficult for us to escape safely. If we come out of this with 2D printing, the software Knuckles would find would help us escape, but we may lose parts of us because we will essentially be losing depth once we are printed out,” Tails explained.

“But Eggman MADE the file that virtualized us. I highly doubt he’d make one that would reverse engineer things,” Sonic pointed out.

“Ahh. But if Knuckles can get access to Eggman’s computer, he will be able to find the file Eggman installed onto my laptop. And he can simply uninstall it to give us a ride back home. Thing is, though, that’s the halfway point. Uninstallation is the ride home. But we need the printing information to make the house exist,” Tails told him.

“So….what?” Sonic asked dumbfoundedly.

“More simply put:
1: Knuckles gets to Eggman’s computer
2: Knuckles clicks uninstall
3: The software that digitalized us will uninstall, and we will no longer be an actual part of the internet. We will be free radicals, so to speak.
4: We get 3D printed out of the computer back into our forms,”
Tails elaborated.

“So after uninstallation, we will still be stuck in the computer, but we won’t be digital codes anymore?” Sonic asked.

“Correct. The problem with that is, the computer will recognize us as viruses. So we would need to get printed out ASAP at that point. Because we will be roaming in a digital cyberspace OUTSIDE of the internet. Kind of like in some sort of limbo,” Tails replied. Sonic just scratched his head. This information was going in one ear and out the other. Tails saw his perplexed look. “Just let me take care of this,” Tails said. Sonic shrugged and looked at Blaze. Even in the digital form, she looked beautiful. Her eyes still looked as golden as ever.

“Blaze...listen...we left on kind of a situation. Wanna talk about it…?” Sonic asked her.

“Sonic, now is not the time,” she told him somewhat snappishly. Sonic’s heart sank back into its original disheartened abyss.

“Yeah, we should get back on the digital circuit before Knuckles deletes or reports this. I am going to go back to the original mainframe, to try and rehack into Eggman’s computer. We will remain safe on that blank webpage,” Tails said. Sonic did not care where they remained. He just wanted to talk to Blaze. Tails grabbed them both and flew back up to the foggy digital circuit. Sonic and Tails rode it casually, but Blaze was yelling as they went. Sonic wanted nothing more than to grab her hand and reassure her, or something, but he knew she wouldn’t have liked it. After another ride, they came back to the original room they started in with the No Colors. Sonic felt somewhat at home here. Tails started to speak in programming code again, to start the process of hacking into Eggman’s computer. This time they remained in the room even after Tails sent in some different codes and requests. “This is much more difficult since it’s it’ll be in binary,” Tails explained. But Sonic wasn’t listening. He approached Blaze.

“I need to know. What’s going on? What happened to our friendship?” Sonic asked.

“Why do you keep asking me that!?” Blaze demanded.

“Because...I care about you...I care about this friendship,” Sonic replied slowly. “I don’t understand why you don’t. What happened? What changed?”

“I never said I don’t!” Blaze barked.

“I’m just trying to understand. Please, Blaze. Tell me. I am here for you,” Sonic told her softly. Blaze just shrugged her shoulders. “Blaze, I need to know. Please.”

“I wanted to see Silver when I got here. Is that a problem?! Are you jealous of Silver and I’s friendship?!”
So they were just friends. Sonic felt slightly better, he still had a chance...maybe.
“I am not jealous of you and Silver. I just want to understand why we were so close, then you left, then came back, and it was as if we were never friends,” Sonic said.

“Why!?” Blaze hissed.

“You came back, and didn’t even bother coming to see me. What did I do? You were okay with seeing Silver, but not me?”

“You’re JEALOUS!”

He didn’t want to raise his voice but he was feeling passionate about the situation. He longed to know; he DESERVED to know. Blaze paused, then looked away for a minute, and Sonic immediately regretted yelling. “Blaze…” he began sadly, knowing he was just letting her slip away between his already greasy fingers. That metaphorical grease was caused from whatever he did the first time that caused her to turn away.

“You want to know why I did not come to see you after all these years?” Blaze asked.

“Yes!” Sonic cried.

“ let me go,” she said.

“What!? What are you talking about? I couldn’t pull you back away from the portal sucking you back to your dimension. I wanted to; OH CHAOS, I WANTED TO! But you needed to go back, it was for both of our dimensions. And the Sol Emeralds,” Sonic explained.

“No. You let me go,” Blaze said.

“Blaze, I said, I wanted to. But I COULDN’T!” Sonic cried. Did every single women beat around the bush all the time like this?
Blaze took a deep breath, then she gasped, “I thought we were going for something. But you never even made a move.”

“W-What do you mean?” Sonic asked, but he fearfully had an idea of what she meant.

Blaze hung her head. “The night before I left...I thought we would move on...from there. We would make something out of the night. But you never did anything. You never showed a reciprocating interest, you never seemed to wanna go further. So I just let it all go,” Blaze sighed.

“Blaze, please….what do you mean?” Sonic asked, choking back a sob.

“I WAS IN LOVE WITH YOU!! OKAY!?! But you never did anything! That night, before I left. I felt like you showed an interest back, but you never took the initiative. You never acted upon your feelings, and I felt heartbroken. Because I thought you did not love me enough to try and take us further, that you weren’t courageous enough to tell me how you felt!” Blaze’s beautiful golden eyes were saturating with tears.

Sonic’s heart did a somersault when he heard her first sentence, but then his heart sank in sadness. “You were in love with me?” he asked slowly.

“Yes, never acted upon it…” Blaze began.

If I can’t change your heart, let me blow your mind. Give me one more chance, don’t draw the line. Can’t decide what to leave behind. Should I lose my soul? Or just my mind?

“I didn’t liked me back,” Sonic told her, trying to hold back tears.

“So you DID like me! You just confirmed it there! But why….why didn’t you act on it?” Blaze asked sorrowfully.
Sonic just blinked, not sure what to think or say.
“I didn’t...know you liked me back…” Sonic began.

“Answer my question please!” Blaze wept. She swallowed a round of tears and turned away, probably trying to hide them.

“No, Blaze. At the time, I didn’t think you liked me back…” Sonic told her quickly.

“You still could’ve taken the initiative!” Blaze hissed.

If I can’t change your heart….let me blow your mind….all I need is one more chance...leave it all behind...if I can’t change your heaaaart…………
Let me blow your mind.

“Blaze, listen...I wanted to. I wanted to tell you how I felt, were leaving the next day!” Sonic cried.

“So?” Blaze asked.

“I know, I know...I’ve scolded myself for this too. I should’ve told you before you left, that way I wouldn’t have lost you. But, I was thinking about you. I didn’t want to say, ‘Before I go, I am in love with you. Goodbye.’ I did not want to leave you with that message, and not be able to give you physical affection,” Sonic explained.

“I would’ve loved going home knowing that you returned my feelings…” Blaze began.

“I...I dunno, I just didn’t want you to go right after I told you, and then you were unable to get a kiss, or something,” Sonic said.

“I don’t care about that. You could’ve told me, and I would’ve left smiling. But instead, on my way back, I started crying. Because I loved you, but you did not seem interested in me back.”
Sonic felt a sudden strong wave of self-hatred. That he had let this beautiful angel go without telling her he liked her back, that he let her cry back to her dimension, that he wasn’t there for her. And that he was pestering her and Silver to get answers. Who was he kidding, he did not deserve her. Not if he kept negatively affecting her like this. He didn’t even deserve to be her friend.
“I’m sorry, Blaze…” he wept. He let a few tears leak out.

Should’ve opened my eyes, whatever it takes, before my heart breaks. If you, want to, have a part of me. Should’ve let me know back then cause I want to let you have that part of me. But now I just let go. Tried all the roads so I’d see. Which of those paths, would lead you to me. Driving in circles again. I wish I knew stop it back then.

Blaze just stared at him, her eyes swimming with tears. Sonic did not know what to say, she was probably interested in Silver now. He’d lost her, he could try winning her back. But she probably was happier with Silver, and probably deserved him more.

“GUYS! WATCH OUT!” Tails’ voice interrupted Sonic’s troubles. A giant, flaming hot wall came sliding right for them. The trio ran out of the way just as it consumed the rest of the room and swallowed up the No Color.

“The hell was that!?” Sonic asked.

“A firewall. One of the many complications of hacking into Eggman’s computer. Keep an eye out for them, because if one hits you, you’ll be reduced to digital ashes,” Tails explained. Sonic was then reminded they were still stuck in the internet.
“Any updates?” Sonic asked Tails.

“Still trying. I managed to breach the first ten passwords again. Eggman’s definitely upped his game. But he shouldn’t expect me to hack into his computer from INSIDE the internet, so he should be more off guard,” Tails replied.

Sonic looked to Blaze, who refused to even look at him. “BLAZE!” Sonic cried. She still wouldn’t look. “Blaze, I am still in love with you...right now. And I want to be with you! But...if you’re happier with him, I’ll let you go,” Sonic hung his head.

“Why do you assume Silver and I are a fling when we hang out? We are just friends. He’s interested, yeah, but I want him as a friend. For now. I might change my mind,” Blaze replied.

“What about me…? Do you hate me?” the tear flow came back to Sonic. Two more firewalls came roaring past, both of them thicker than the first. The three heroes dodged them with ease, and Sonic and Blaze continued their conversation as if it never happened.
“Do you want to give me a second chance?” Sonic asked her sadly.

“I don’t know, Sonic,” Blaze replied.

“You know I love you, now, right?” Sonic asked her.

Anywhere I...would’ve followed you. Say something I’m giving up on you. And feeling so small. It was over my head...I’m nothing at all. And I will stumble and fall. I’m still learning to love, just starting to crawl.

“Yeah, but you might be too late, because I am starting to fall for Silver,” Blaze replied.

“But you said you only saw him as a friend,” Sonic told her.

“Yeah, I do. But he is starting to grow on me.”

“Blaze...I’ll let you go if he makes you happy…”

And I...will swallow my pride. You’re the one, that I love. And I’m saying goodbye!

“I don’t know, Sonic. We must talk about this later,” Blaze said, and she turned his back on him. Sonic’s entire body felt like a vacuum right now. He felt the heat draining from his limbs as the depression sank in and dropped his body temperature. He turned his back too, thinking he did not deserve to look at her. He just stared at the No Color walls. All was silent in the No Color Room, except for Tails speaking in rapid binary and HTML. Suddenly, the room started to tremble.
“Ooh! Got an email from Knuckles!” Tails announced. He hovered up in the air and spoke EVEN MORE BINARY, and this email came up from Knuckles. It appeared on the No Color walls in a white rectangle, unfortunately in binary. So Tails translated it for Sonic and Blaze, with a bit of a difficulty since Knuckles was a bad speller and did not know very good grammar:
Dear Tails,
Is this some kind of joke? If you are stuck inside the internet, how can you read this? Or send an email? I am not as gulible as I used to be, come on, seriously.’re not Eggman, so I will take your word for it; sceptically, of coarse. I will go to Eggman’s base. I honeastly have no idea what your talking about, but I will go. But if I see no sign of activty, I will not be very pleased.

“Alright, that’s a step forward,” Tails noted after he read the email. “In the meantime, I will continue to hack into Eggman’s computer.”
Sonic just stood there with his back to Blaze’s. There was definite tension between them. Sonic was awfully bored as well, since he could not go anywhere without binary. Tails looked up and saw the two standing apart, and Sonic looking troubled.
“Here, will this help? I’ll give a quick lesson. Binary is difficult, I get it. But a lot of programmers use hexadecimals to speak to computers. It’s easier to read. Hex, or hexadecimal, is a number system of base 16. This number system is especially interesting because in our casually-used decimal system, we have only 10 digits to represent numbers.  Hex system has 16 digits. The extra needed 6 digits are represented by the first 6 letters of English alphabet. Hence, hex digits are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 A, B, C, D, E, F. So let’s say we have 1111 1111 in binary. We add backwards from that by counting 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, so on and so on. To convert it, we just add the ones backwards. We do NOT add the zeroes. So in the case for 1111 1111 we would add 1, 2, 4, and 8 backwards for both of them. So 1111 1111 is 15 hex and 15 hex. Or more formally: FF,” Tails explained enthusiastically.

“Tails...can I have some time alone? I might need a run,” Sonic told him calmly but firmly.

“Oh….” Tails’ enthusiasm drained quickly as he worriedly looked at his best friend. “...okay, Sonic. Sorry. I’ll get back to rehacking.”
The room fell silent again, except for Tails’ translations. Sonic took off running across the No Color floor. He knew distance still did not apply, but he wanted to leave Blaze alone. When he got to a hundred feet, he looked back and saw Blaze still standing there with his back to him. It looked like she was only five feet away. Sonic started running faster and faster, pushing himself to his limit. Maybe he can overexert himself, that way he could die from physical exhaustion and make Blaze happy. He ran faster than he could ever bear to handle; he felt his heart palpitating so fast, it could explode any second. His lungs screamed in protest as he continued to sprint. His legs were burning, and he was actually creating flames behind him from the drag friction.
“SONIC! SONIC! STOP! YOU ARE GOING TO OVERHEAT THE LAPTOP HARDWARE!” Tails screamed; he did not know his best friend was trying to run himself to death essentially. Sonic did not listen, he kept on running. When things plateaued in his body, Sonic picked up the pace. His heart sped up to the pace of a dangerous 300 beats per minute. He could feel his entire body start to get an excruciating pain. Suddenly he felt a blast of heat at his back, knocking him down. He skidded several feet, obtaining a few bruises and a bloody head wound. While he laid there, his heart began to slow down gratefully. After about ten minutes, Blaze ran up to him.
“Are you trying to give yourself a heart attack!?” she cried, going over to his fallen body. “I had to burn you to stop you!”

“I’m….s...s-s-sorry Bl….” he panted, his lungs were exerting faster than ever as they tried to oxygenate his blood as fast as they could. Luckily as his heart started to slow, his lungs were able to catch up faster.

“C’mon, breathe! Breathe! BREATHE!” she begged, holding onto his body frantically.

“Sorry Bl….” Sonic gasped; he could see Blaze’s panicked face in his blurry vision. His lip was dripping blood from him biting it upon impact of the invisible floor. “Bl….Bl….aze,” he wheezed. “I’m sorr…..y, you des…...erve better….”

BREATHE!” she ordered him. But she couldn’t do anything, neither could he. He just needed to rest so his lungs could compensate. It took a few minutes, but his heart and lungs returned to a normal pace. “How could you be STUPID!?!? You WORRIED me!!” she bawled.

“You deserve….better,” Sonic sighed weakly.

“Sonic, I did some thinking. It was wrong of me to just ditch our friendship. I now understand your intentions when you did what you did. I am sorry, Sonic. I am sorry I did not come to see you when I came back. Can you forgive me?” Blaze moaned.
She did not mention anything about love, but she wanted to be his friend again. That was a step in the right direction. Sonic remembered their peaceful and blissful stargazing the night before she left the last time, and a smile cracked his face.

“I can always forgive a beautiful princess,” Sonic responded in his normal way, though it was less energetic than normal. Blaze hugged him. Feeling that was an instant sedative to the wounds on his face and his aching heart and lungs. Sonic shakily reached up and hugged him back. He lightly caressed her back. He felt the soft cotton of her shirt. While he preferred her fur, it was still on her body and he liked the feeling. Blaze let go and reached down to help him up. Just as he did, these creatures started crawling out of the No Color walls. They had round heads and lizard-like bodies. They had no eyes or mouths.
“We’ve got competition guys; looks like computer viruses are also interested in getting into Eggman’s computer!” Tails flew over to them quickly. “If they touch us, we will be completely wiped out...we need to get going…” Tails cried. But Blaze started throwing flames at the viruses. “Blaze! WAIT!” Tails shrieked. The flames hit all of the viruses swarming in, and they all exploded into a dust of zeroes and ones.

“That killed them though!” Blaze told him.

“Yes, it did, but...did you notice the dust of binary they left behind? That is essentially their residue. And since I am pretty much into Eggman’s computer now, Eggman’s antiviral scan will detect the residue and send out an anti-spyware scan, and that will fry us in seconds. If we had left the viruses alone, the scan most likely wouldn’t have happened. And even if it did, it most likely wouldn’t have picked up those viruses,” Tails explained.

“Where do we go now?” Sonic asked.

“The only way safe place is either back, or onto an external hard drive. Because even Eggman’s pre-installed computer applications will also be scanned. This includes documents, pictures, games, and anything that does not require internet connection. So we can’t go to Eggman’s actual computer desktop because that will be scanned too. We need to quickly get into an external hard drive, because that is not installed onto the computer!” Tails cried hastily.

“How do we do that?” Sonic asked.

“We need to search the desktop for any removable storage units!” Tails answered desperately. He started speaking in binary again, and the No Color walls brought up a display of Eggman’s computer details: 4 TB, 6 GHz, 12-core processor, and other gibberish. The menu came up for removable devices. There had to be at least twenty.
“How does Eggman fit so many devices into his computer?” Sonic wondered.

“A scientific genius like Eggman needs to have a LOT of USB ports. I really am envious that his computer holds more ports than my laptop. His system unit looks like Swiss cheese!” Tails moaned.

“Which one should we get on?!” Sonic looked at the options displayed on the wall. Most of them were named, luckily, and they all contained files and blueprints of plans or locations. Tails browsed all of their choices, and found that most of them were maximized in storage space. Then he found one. “THERE! A thumb drive with a gig of space left, it’s more than enough for our data codes!” Tails pointed at the 14th USB he saw.

“How much do our codes take up?” Sonic asked.

“Hmm...mine is probably roughly 20 kilobytes. Sonic, yours might be around 30, and Blaze 25. We don’t take up a lot of space,” Tails responded.

“How do you know?” Sonic asked.

“We’re minuscule, we’re but mere scripts in this computer. We’re not like a fourteen minute long video or anything. C’mon, let’s head there,” Tails said. And he read the name of the 14th USB in binary and they dropped through a hole again. This time instead of falling all the way down, they fell into another cold digital circuit. This zipped them in a jagged spiral, up a very steep wall, and through many weird yellow rings. They were more stretched out than the Rings Sonic used for currency. Sonic cocked his head at them curiously.

“That is essentially the USB port pins. We are in between the USB port and the flash drive,” Tails described. He was examining their area like a kid in a candy store; an absolute haven for this kid geek. Sonic, however, was only mildly interested. The only thing he found somewhat interesting was that some of the patterns of the circuit boards around them reminded him of the shape of chili dogs. Though really it did not resemble them at all; he was just hungry, and anything reminded him of chili dogs. Even Tails’ mouth, because he would envision Tails eating a chili dog. The digital circuit took them into pitch darkness.
“Wow that was fast! We are inside the micro-oscillator now!” Tails explained. After riding the digital current through darkness, they were spat out into a dark area. However, when they landed on a platform, a panorama of files appeared right in front of them. It was in a fan layout, and Sonic reached out and touched one of the folds, and is if it were a touch screen, the fold popped out a picture of handdrawn blueprints of Station Square City Hall. Sonic didn’t like the look of the huge red X’s, and the bomb in the middle. This plan seemed really unfamiliar; was it a future last resort plan Eggman would attempt? Because by the looks of this particular plan, it involved manslaughter.
“Looks like these are Eggman’s files,” Tails explained, using his hand to sweep past the folds that all contained a document or picture of some kind. Finally Tails came across a fold that was only half a document. “This is the remaining space in Eggman’s flash drive. We must go here, and try not to interfere with that document in there,” Tails instructed, and as if it were a door, Tails walked right into that said fold. Sonic looked at Blaze and raised his eyebrow. For never being inside the internet, Tails sure knew how to navigate through it. Whether it was because he was a superiorly intelligent programmer, or whatever, Sonic wasn’t sure. Sonic and Blaze followed after Tails in this fold and they came out onto more black area, yet the three were still able to see each other.

“Now what?” Sonic asked.

“We wait here until the antivirus scan is done,” Tails responded.

“How long does that take?” Sonic wanted to know.

“Depends. Could take minutes, could take hours,” Tails shrugged.

“UGH!” Sonic groaned.

“But at least here we are safe from deletion; Eggman is too concerned about his future plans that he’d never delete one off a flash drive,” Tails assured him.

“Meh, whatever. I am pretty irked with that Egg Hair right now. This is what I say about his files!”
Without thinking, Sonic did his Spin Dash and plummeted into the document next to them containing one of Eggman’s plans. The document vibrated and started to crack.
“UH OH! Eggman will be informed with ANYTHING that happens to that document!” Tails yelled. He ran up to the cracking document and started to massage it to repair it, but it was too late. Sonic backed away, suddenly regretting what he did. Then the document shattered. It became many cubes of pixels that fell onto the floor.
“What...happened?” Sonic asked worriedly.

“You know how when you unplug a USB before it can properly transfer files? Well, you Spin Dashing into the file essentially corrupted it, and Eggman will be notified about it. Eggman will figure out he did not tamper with the flash drive, he will suspect something is up so he might check it out and find the missing document...and who knows what will happen…” Tails replied.

“Sheesh, the digital world is brimming with peril!” Sonic mocked cockily.

“Let’s hope Knuckles has gotten to Eggman’s computer by now!” Blaze added.

“Ugh!” Tails rubbed his head in frustration. “Eggman might remove this flash drive from his computer, so we will be stuck in it with no way of safely returning. The end circuit of the flash drive will close up, sealing in all of its data. Because when you connect the flash drive to the computer, the digital circuit in the USB port and the flash drive connect; this is what allows transfer of files to and from the computer and flash drive. And when Eggman unplugs the flash drive, the end circuit will close to store data here in the flash drive,” Tails explained.

“ there going to be a test after this?” Sonic mocked cockily. “But seriously, Tails. Can you stop elaborating everything that is going on? It is probably completely boring to everyone, and we just need what’s going on--straight and to the point!” Sonic insisted in frustration.

“I’m TRYING to inform you guys what’s going on,” Tails said defensively.

“Yea, but not everybody is as tech savvy as you, okay buddy? You can spare us the tedious details, tell us how to get out of here, and we will be on our merry way!” Sonic argued.

“I just thought it would be useful if you guys knew about every little technical thing that happens here, I thought you’d be interested,” Tails hung his head.

“It is interesting, in a way. But we don’t have time to stand around and talk, okay? We should probably get off this flash drive now; I highly suspect Eggman is done scanning his computer, huh?”

“Sonic...I’m sorry…”

“C’mon, Tails, don’t look so blue. Only I can be blue.”
Sonic gave Tails a thumbs-up to show that there were no hard feelings, and Tails’ head perked immediately.
“Alright, Sonic’s right. We should get off this flash drive immediately!”
Tails walked out the fold they came in on. Sonic looked at Blaze and smiled, and she smiled back. Just wanting to test the waters, he held out his hand. She willingly took it, and upon feeling her soft and warm hand in his, Sonic’s heart fluttered. Happily, he lead her out the fold while still holding her hand.

End of Part 2
Virtual Conflict 2
I feel smarter after writing this story. I did a bit of research. I already did know how to convert binary to hexadecimal though--but I did need a review. 
Oh and I apologize for using more song lyrics, I just feel like Ted Poley's lyrics are pretty heartfelt.
And I also apologize if the technical details are too tedious ^^; I'll try to refrain from them too much in the next chapter 
And what the inside of the internet looks like, that was all my imagination ^^

Characters belong to SEGA
Songs/lyrics belong to Ted Poley and A Great Big World
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The blue hedgehog headed across the beach for his best friend’s workshop. He had just returned from once again another battle from his arch enemy Dr. Eggman. It was just another cliche, run of the mill battle. It was seven in the morning, and the hedgehog hadn’t slept in three days by this time. He walked across the coarse sand of the shore in a slight limp. However, he stopped when he heard laughing from nearby. He glanced curiously at the direction of the noise, and spotted a lilac princess sitting on a rocky ledge with a white hedgehog. The blue hedgehog’s heart sank a mile at the sight, but he wasn’t sure why. The princess and the white hedgehog were laughing and teasingly throwing sand at each other. The blue hedgehog, whose name was Sonic, was gawking at the lilac princess. She wasn’t even looking his way, and neither was the white hedgehog. They were too engrossed with each other. Suddenly the white hedgehog kissed the princess on the cheek, and an intense pain nailed Sonic’s chest. He finally looked away and headed back to where he was going; to his best friend’s workshop, which was on the shoreline just about a quarter of a mile away. Even as he walked away, the princess and the white hedgehog did not even notice him go by. Once he was out of their range, he walked diagonal to the thick, brown wet sand that the sea oftentimes licked with its sloshy waves. Right as he did, a tiny wave swooshed right under his feet, but it didn’t bother him, because it was only a tiny amount of water.

When Sonic reached his best friend Tails’ workshop, he opened the door and saw Tails typing away on his laptop. Tails looked up and saw Sonic coming in and smiled instantly.
“Hey, Sonic. You’re back from battling Eggman?” Tails asked, nodding approvingly.

“As always. Same old, same old. Nothing ever changes with the hairy-mouthed egg, he’s always planning the same white-bread plan that contains Chaos Emeralds, or a big hyperactive machine that I can stop with a few slashes of Spin Dash. He’s persistent, I’ll give him that. But very fruitful,” Sonic explained. He was still able to be himself somewhat, but seeing the lilac princess with the white hedgehog had disheartened him slightly for some reason…

“Hughhh! Well, at least now you’re able to be here and relax, huh?” Tails said.

“You said it,” Sonic collapsed on the couch before his best friend, and looked at the screen of the laptop. “What’cha doin’?”

“A better question to ask, is what I HAVE been doing,” Tails said, looking at Sonic’s avocado green eyes.

“You’re KILLING me!” Sonic groaned cockily, rolling his eyes.

“Well, if you want to know so bad...I have been doing a bit of coding here…” Tails moved the cursor on the screen across the current page he was at, which was just the results of mechanical parts at an online retail business. The cursor zipped up to the top, where there was a display of over ten tabs. Tails clicked on the fourth one, and a blank page appeared, filled with all kinds of coding and website jargon Sonic did not understand.

“Cool. What’s it mean?” Sonic asked. “What is it?”

“It’s trying to decode Eggman’s computer softwares,” Tails replied.


“I am trying to figure out the coding to try and hack into Eggman’s computer system, to put it that way.”

“So...what do you plan to do with that? Watch Eggman shower?”

“Very funny, Sonic. But Eggman isn’t stupid enough to let water come into contact with his precious technology. But if I can discreetly hack into the software, I can get a future notice of what Eggman might be scheming. Thing is, Eggman set up a lot of firewalls. And a lot of them have rather complicated passwords. The first were easy to crack---thank you, thank you---” Tails paused briefly at his egg pun for Eggman. “--but they have become increasingly more difficult, and less generic. Like for example, one of them was $H@D0W-ULT!M@TE-L!FEF0RM3. Eggman started using more symbols and codes as I managed to get pass more and more firewalls. Like here’s one.”
A warning box popped up that demanded a password. Tails typed in something, but the warning box shook violently and deleted his attempt. “I will need some time to focus, Sonic. You relax,” Tails instructed.

Sonic sighed and got up, not wanting to watch tedious computing stuff anyway. He went to the guest room where he often stayed and sat down on the bed. His mind then drifted onto the lilac princess…
Sonic’s eyes widened when her name popped into his head. He hadn’t spend much time with her, and hadn’t even seen her in over a year. And she had been laughing with that white hedgehog...Silver. Sonic shut his eyes and remembered the times he’d had with Blaze, and had felt really close to her. But he wasn’t quite sure why the concept of Blaze being with Silver bothered him. Maybe it was because he didn’t think Silver was really good enough for an elegant princess such as her. Sonic collapsed on his back into the memory foam mattress bed. Upon feeling the coziness underneath it, his body immediately relaxed and he conked out the second he let his eyes rest.

Sonic...Sonic… Sonic saw a glimpse of bright yellow eyes looking at him with the mountains in the background
Sonic’s green eyes popped open to be looking right at a dark gray ceiling, indicated it was nearly dark. Sonic looked over and saw Tails there looking excited.
“Wherezthefire?” Sonic droned sleepily.

“Sonic! I managed to hack into Eggman’s computer! I have been reading the coding sent from his computer, and I am able to read notes and see private, locked files containing future schemes and ideas!” Tails said. Sonic’s eyes widened immediately at this last sentence.

“Anyway, I couldn’t access it. When I type in my own coding, I am able to get free access to Eggman’s stuff. And luckily the coding is transparent, so he shouldn’t notice anything.”

“Thank Chaos,” Sonic closed his eyes and once again he was out like a light.

Sonic woke up about an hour later feeling much more refreshed. He had slept nearly fourteen hours by this point. He did not remember his dreams, but they had contained lemon yellow eyes that in the dream he had found extremely alluring. He jumped off the bed feeling more energetic and went out to the sitting room where Tails had been earlier on the laptop. Tails was sitting on the couch again, this time his laptop was in sleep mode beside him. Knuckles was laying on the floor on his stomach, and the two were watching a movie. Therefore, the lights were out. Sonic went to see what they were watching. Just as he got in to face the TV, he saw a zombie seize a girl and start eating her skull. Sonic’s eyes flickered briefly at this greeting.
“Hey,” Knuckles droned, obviously too involved with the movie. Tails had a bowl of popcorn beside him and was also locked onto the TV, so much that when he reached over to grab a handful of popcorn, he ended up grabbing the edge of the bowl. His hand fished around aimlessly until it finally found its way into the bowl to grab a kernel. Sonic wasn’t interested at all in the movie. His stomach churned uncomfortably when he remembered Blaze. He didn’t understand, why was he did he think about her so much? He decided maybe if he went to see her, maybe he could get his mind off of her. He turned and went to the door to start to leave.
“See ya,” Knuckles droned unenthusiastically.

Sonic was greeted by a crescent moon, and he instantly remembered the night before Blaze left last time she was here. It was the second or third time she had visited his dimension, and she and Sonic had become really close friends during that time. And the night before she left last time, she and Sonic had laid on the grassy hill to stargaze, and Blaze had commented that the crescent moon looked like somebody had taken a bite out of it; her dimension had no moon. Sonic had explained that technically a part of it was missing, when Eggman shot it with the Eclipse Cannon a long time ago. But that missing part wouldn’t be visible for another hundred years or so, according to Tails, because that side of the moon is rarely seen by people on Earth over a long period of time. Sonic then had to talk about that adventure with the Eclipse Cannon with her, and he had really enjoyed his time with her. She enjoyed it as well, and had laughed after he made jokes about the Eclipse Cannon and how Eggman had gained weight since then. When Sonic looked at her while she laughed, the moonlight was shining on her face and that was when he decided he was enamored with the lilac princess; he loved her. He’d grabbed her hand and she let him, while looking at him with a smile. Unfortunately, nothing ever came out of that night. Sonic was afraid to inquire, because she was leaving the next day and he didn’t want to try to start something right before she departed...not to mention he felt unworthy to try winning the heart of such an elegant princess. Watching her leave that time had been more crushing to him than normal...he had hugged her, and tried not to let her go, but she had let go. And she was sucked into the portal, leaving Sonic feel like the action of her letting go was almost her saying she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. This was when he was fifteen. Now, fast forward three years; yesterday he had just seen Blaze for the first time since she left. He didn’t even know she was back after three years, and he’d seen her clinging to Silver. He felt crushed, because essentially his old time close friend had come back but not even bothered to see him. He found himself looking at the crescent moon with blurred eyes.
“Come on, hedgehog. Love will slow ya down,” Sonic tried to comfort himself, but it didn’t work. He heaved a heavy sigh and looked down at the sand and walked down the beach, and glanced to the ledge where he’d seen Blaze and Silver earlier. He was hating himself for not telling Blaze how he felt...sure it would’ve been right before she left, but that way he wouldn’t have lost her to someone else. He had let that chance slip, just because he hadn’t lived in the moment. At that time, he hadn’t even been entirely certain he loved her, or if it was just an Amy-esque infatuation. He hadn’t thought much about her since she’d left, Eggman had kept him pretty busy. Not to mention after she’d rejected the hug, he was sure he didn’t love her back, so he’d made himself get over her. But here he was, still thinking a lot about her.
“Ah, I’m sure it’s just the memory I am still in love with, not her,” Sonic tried to convince himself. But he loved thinking about her beautiful yellow eyes…the MEMORY of her beautiful yellow eyes, Sonic argued with himself.
Not only had she rejected his hug three years ago, but she hadn’t even looked his way earlier...he felt heartsick. Maybe seeing her would sew up the tiny gap he felt between them, and then if she wanted, they could go their separate ways. Sonic shrugged off the cold, and headed into the city. Maybe she was at Silver’s apartment. Sonic walked down the lonely street towards Silver’s apartment, and saw flickers of the crescent moon through the treetops. When he got to the apartment, he heaved a heavy sigh and entered the lobby. Instead of taking the elevator, he ran upstairs to the third floor. He didn’t talk to Silver much, but he had helped Silver move into the apartment. Silver had sent the stuff that fit through the window up with his psychokinesis, and Sonic caught it from the window. With everything else, Sonic and Silver carried them to the room using the elevator. Sonic hadn’t seen much of Silver since then, except when he needed his help for an Eggman attack or something. Sonic came to Room 384 and sighed, then knocked. There was a brief pause, then the door opened. Blaze stood there and Sonic was looking into her eyes for the first time in three years. Silver’s house smelled strongly of a movie theater.
“Sonic,” was all Blaze said. The way she addressed him made him feel hurt even more, like seeing him was a disgrace to her.

“ disturb you, Blaze...but...can we talk…?” Sonic asked.

“Oh, okay. Silver and I were just getting ready to sit down and start a movie,” Blaze replied.

“Sorry...I will leave you alone,” Sonic sighed.

“No, you don’t have to. We can talk. But make it quick,” Blaze assured him, shutting the door behind her. She was wearing loose fitting silk. Pajamas. She was staying the night with Silver. Sonic bit his bottom lip at this notion. He had been hoping they could go for a walk and catch up, but with her wearing pajamas, that was out of the question.

“I...I just want to let you know...I...I missed you,” Sonic began slowly.

“I missed you, too,” Blaze said rather indifferently.

Rejecting her hug, not bothering to come see him when she got here, not looking at him at the beach, now this. He needed to know. “Okay, what did I do wrong?” Sonic asked.

“What do you mean?” Blaze asked rather coldly.

“…” Sonic began, but did not want to sound accusative, so he continued, “...we used to be so close. What happened? I mean, you came back and did not even bother to come see me. What did I do?”

“Blaze?” Silver’s voice was muffled from inside the apartment.

“Sonic, can we talk about this another time?” Blaze asked.

“Another time? You didn’t even bother seeing me when you got here! I mean, how long have you been here?”

“A month.”

“Yeah...and you did not try to come see me. What did I do? And what happened to us?”

“Blaze!?” Silver’s voice was ruining it.

“Sorry, Sonic...I’ll talk to you later, okay? I promise,” she said, and she opened the apartment door and shut it behind her, leaving Sonic now facing the dirty, closed livid door.

“When!?” Sonic called, but he did not get a response. “Blaze!? When!?” He waited for a minute, expecting her to talk to Silver and come back out, but she did not. He stood there for a good ten minutes, he could’ve waited out there for years if he needed to. Because only a door separated him and Blaze now. And he wanted to talk to her...NEEDED to talk to her. He waited out there for another hour, often hearing Silver and Blaze laughing from inside. He then imagined himself knocking later after they were finished with the movie, and Blaze answering it and being annoyed that he came back and bothered them. Picturing that convinced him to leave, so sighing, he turned around and headed back to Tails’ workshop. The night breeze was colder than usual due to his sorrow. When he got back to Tails’ workshop, Knuckles was gone. Tails had fallen asleep on the couch. This had caused the popcorn bowl to spill all over the floor. Feeling worse because of this, Sonic began to pick up the individual popcorn kernels and flipped the overturned bowl. He put the kernels into the bowl and put it on the counter. Then he went back to the couch and pulled the knitted afghan off the top and draped it over his sleeping buddy. Then he went to the guest room and collapsed on the bed. Immediately he, once again, began to think of Blaze and the closeness they used to share. He grabbed his iPod and headphones off the bedside table and put the headphones in his ears. He turned on “Say Anything” by Good Charlotte to fit the situation, then he rolled over on his side. Midway into the first chorus, he let a few tears escape his eyes. This time he did not bother trying to cheer himself up with his ego.

Please don’t walk away, I know you wanna stay, if you just give me a sign. Say anything, say anything. Some say that...time changes. Best friends can...become strangers. But I don’t want that, no not for you, if you just stay with me we can make it through…

Sonic was feeling tired, AGAIN, but he couldn’t sleep.

I’m falling….I’m falling….I’m falling...down. I’m falling, I’m falling, I’m falling down. Down….Down….Down….

After the song was over, he listened to it one more time. After some pondering, he began to feel a bit better thinking that, if she was happy with Silver, that was okay. Yeah he was hurt that he lost the chance to be with her, but at least she was happy with Silver. Who knows, maybe Silver could make her happier than he could. After all, Sonic was so busy saving the world, he feared he would just be neglecting Blaze. But what hurt him, was the simple concept that he and Blaze may not even be close friends anymore. He might’ve lost her as a lover, but he did not want to lose her as a friend. Sonic tried to drift his thoughts away from her, like thinking this was how Shadow felt when he lamented over Maria. But Maria had DIED. And she and Shadow had been close until the very end. Sonic laid there in silence all night, until the light started to shine in a new day.
“C’mon hedgehog, get off your sorry ass. The world needs you,” Sonic scolded himself. “Quit pitying yourself.” Sonic was beginning to grow slightly hazy from a night of lost sleep, but he figured the thirteen hours from yesterday should make up for it. When the sun was now shining right in Sonic’s face, he heard shuffling outside indicating Tails was up. He got up and went to the sitting room and found Tails scrambling to make hot tea for himself to wake up.
“Morning bud,” Sonic greeted.

“Good morning, Sonic. Sleep well?” Tails asked.

“Er-” Sonic began.

“I slept GREAT! Especially after decoding more of Eggman’s computer,” Tails replied, pouring himself a cup of tea. “I found important credentials in Eggman’s database, he apparently has a huge secret robot factory underground that is-”
Sometimes life can break leaves you feeling cold. And all these dreams inside me, you nearly broke them all. You’re fading fast into the stars, and I can see you. I’ll always wonder where you are, and are you with me. I can’t forget a single day...I’m slowly going blind…

Another song was playing in Sonic’s head to fit the situation as he thought about Blaze, completely tuning Tails out.

...I’m lost in you, and you talk about me. The things you do...are just ordinary. And even when I’m alright, your face is haunting me. You crash my world to make it, but nothing comes for free.

He was looking at Tails and nodding whenever he needed to, but selective hearing came in while he thought of Blaze, and all the things they did. The stargazing, the walks on the beach, the meals, even just fighting Eggman alongside her. He thought of her golden eyes. Of course, the fact that he lost sleep didn’t help his feelings or his attitude at all right now. But he didn’t care if he stopped sleeping. He didn’t care about his body right now. He was trying to figure out what was going on, why Blaze didn’t even want to talk to him. Was it the hug? He shouldn’t have hugged her before she left. I mean, cause, why did she pull away? Sonic wondered.

“....Sonic? You okay? You look spacey. Did you sleep poorly?” the fox interrupted his thoughts worriedly.

“Ah, eh...I dunno. Just, have stuff on my mind, is all,” Sonic sighed.

“Eggman related?” Tails asked.

“Nah. Hairy Nose isn’t worth fretting over,” Sonic said in his usual way, despite the abyss inside him.

“Then what’s up, Sonic? Tell me, please, I’m your best friend,” Tails told him.

“You won’t understand,” Sonic insisted.

“I’ve got an IQ of 300 and a mixture of analytical and creative problem solving skills, try me,” Tails told him. Sonic swallowed a gallon of saliva and just looked at him.

“Well...Blaze...we were close friends three years ago, we were VERY close. And...I didn’t get to tell her how I felt before she left,” Sonic finally confessed.

“You’re smitten for Blaze?” Tails asked.


“Oh. Well, you were right about me not understanding. I’m only eleven, eh heh. I’m good at technical and mechanical stuff, but as far as love, I know little to nothing…”

“Told you.”

“But as far as friendship, Sonic...friends come and go. I know it sucks, I mean I’m blessed to have you as my best friend for nearly eight years. But unfortunately in this life, ‘friends forever’ is a delusional concept.”

“Well, she said she would talk to me...but I dunno.”

“Then talk to her, but if nothing works out, then you have to let her go. Just like with love, some people aren’t meant to be friends. In my honest opinion, if she rejects you, it’s her loss.”

“Thanks Tails.”
Despite the abyss, Sonic felt a bit better. Tails nodded, and Sonic immediately blasted out of the workshop and headed back to Silver’s apartment. Right as he got there, Blaze was leaving the apartment building, wearing a white tank top with pink denim short shorts. He went up to her, and she stopped and let him approach her. “Blaze…”

“Good morning, Sonic. I am sorry about last night. I was just eager to watch a movie with Silver. So what’s up?” Blaze seemed less nonchalant today, and the abyss inside Sonic was starting to slowly fill back up.

“What happened to us. Is what I wanna know,” Sonic said.

“Oh. I mean, we’re still friends, right?” Blaze asked, and Sonic’s world began to straighten again. Everything was starting to turn out okay. He was beginning to feel silly that he had lost a night of sleep for this.

“I dunno, are we? We aren’t as close, and you haven’t even come to visit since you came back,” Sonic told her.

“Oh...yeah,” Blaze said. And as if he had dropped a bombshell, her welcoming manner dissipated. “Can we go somewhere else to talk?”

“The beach okay?” he asked gently.


At the beach, they were within sight of Tails’ workshop. Blaze and Sonic had been quiet the whole trip there, and that had left Sonic with painful tension. She finally turned to face him, and the ocean was right behind her. She looked immaculate with the ocean behind her. “Sonic...I loved the moments we shared back then,’s over now,” Blaze told him.

“What do you mean?” the hopes that had started to grow earlier shrank back again.

And even if the past can’t change. My heart won’t let you walk away. And I know I can still believe, that someday, someday...won’t be more than goodbye. After all this time, can’t you give this love another try?

“Well, I was really hoping know...with how close we were and everything...and how things were going…” Blaze began. “I mean, I was hoping you would….I was wishing you’d…” So he HAD done something wrong…”I was really thinking would’ve...I mean, because I am friends with Silver now, and…”

“So you are abandoning our friendship for Silver?” Sonic asked.

“No, we’re both still friends. But...we can’t be close friends now,” Blaze said.

“Why!? What do you mean!? What’d I do!?” Sonic moaned. He knew Blaze was hesitant to express her feelings, but she kept beating around the bush and wasn’t revealing what he needed to hear, and it was mildly frustrating.

“HEY! COME HERE! THERE’S A MAJOR PROBLEM!” Tails ran out, looking absolutely distraught.

“UGH! Tails! Can it wait!?” Sonic cried somewhat angrily.

“NO! EGGMAN! EGGMAN! EGGMAN! EGGMAN! EGGMAN!” Tails clamored, and he beckoned for them to follow. Sonic looked at Blaze and went after Tails. He expected Blaze to linger, but she followed behind as well. The trio entered Tails’ workshop and Tails lead them to the laptop. Tails picked up the laptop and practically shoved the screen into Sonic’s face. Sonic was greeted by the following:


“Okay. A bunch of zeroes and ones. What’s that gotta do with Eggman?” Sonic asked.

“It’s Eggman...he found out I’ve hacked into his computer...and now something is wrong….!” Tails cried, and suddenly, popups began to start spamming the page. Tails clicked “Cancel” on all of them, but more popups just kept coming. Sonic couldn’t read them, they were all in binary. Suddenly, the computer screen went white. And it did not look like a standard blank webpage. It was a vast, empty whiteness. Then out of nowhere, a random tiny black rectangle appeared in the middle of the page. Tails went back and started spamming the shutdown button, but nothing happened. Then, the laptop speakers started blaring Eggman’s voice.
Hello, Sonic and/or Tails. I am proud to announce, that I did not just counter-hack Tails’ computer, but I have seized absolute control over it. I have conquered the laptop entirely. And now, you are all going to repent for you misdeeds. Thank you, and have good connection with each other. See what I did there? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

“Cut the jokes Fuzzy Mouth. What are you doing!?” Sonic barked, but the conversation was only one way.

Before I go, I want to tell you guys to say hello to Google for me.

Then Eggman’s voice ceased, followed by a loud clicking noise, like a computer mouse. The black rectangle on the laptop screen suddenly started to pulsate. The white screen began to shimmer like static on a TV. Tails reached out to touch the screen, and found that instead of pixels he touched, his hand went right through the screen.
“What!?” Tails cried, yanking back his hand. Until suddenly, a violent force coming from the laptop screen brought his hand back, and soon his hand became his head. Then his head became his body. Then before Sonic and Blaze could blink, Tails had been sucked into the laptop.

“TAILS!” Sonic cried. The force gushing from the laptop screen increased, and Sonic felt himself being forcefully yanked towards it. Then the laptop screen swallowed him too. Blaze was not far behind him.

Sonic was seeing flashes of white and black, it was definitely seizure inducing. But the only thing he could think of was Blaze and Tails, and he hoped they would be okay, because he couldn’t see them anywhere. Suddenly the flashes ceased, and Sonic was hurled onto a platform. Everything was this was a color that couldn’t be named, because the color did not have a name. It was almost like a combination of all colors, but different. It was ineffable. Sonic was able to see around him, but there was a haze. And he looked down at the platform he was on: invisible. All he could see was an abyss of that unnamed color.
“Ow…” came a familiar voice from nearby. Sonic cautiously stepped towards the voice, and saw Tails laying in a ball on the floor. Sonic went to him and nudged him with his foot. Tails looked up and saw Sonic. “SONIC! You are okay!” Tails cried.

“Of course I am okay. I’m Sonic after all, right?” Sonic said. “Seen Blaze?”

“No, I haven’t. I haven’t seen anything except you,” Tails replied. He got up with the help of Sonic and looked around. “Weird...its like this place is...nowhere!” Tails cried in awe.

“Nowhere?” Sonic was disappointed that his superiorly intelligent best friend could come up with a logical theory of what this is, or perhaps explain anything in general.

“This place has not exact color, no depth, no light or darkness, no concept of anything really,” Tails noted. Sonic looked around the nothingness.

“BLAZE!? BLAZE!?” he called out. His voice did not even echo, or amplify.

“Sound waves get lost in here, nothing to reverb. Meaning, this place is not closed in. It’s like we are outside, but not. Our voices are getting swallowed,” Tails theorized.

“Are we in outer space?” Sonic asked.

“No. We are standing on a platform, so there is gravity, or some force holding us down. We are kinda like in space, but kinda not.”

“Kind of, kind of not. Which are we? Where are we? Make up your mind!”
Sonic was growing frantic with Blaze’s no-show.

“Sonic, this is my first time here too. This place is a complete mystery to me, too. We were sucked into my laptop, and this is where we were trajected,” Tails told him bitterly.

“We are...INSIDE your laptop?” Sonic said.

“Yeah, that, or, my laptop sent us to another dimension entirely!”
Tails looked around curiously at everything around him. Hearing Tails say “another dimension” made Sonic’s stomach knot. Tails then started to walk away.
“Where are you going!?” Sonic demanded. But Tails kept walking. And walking. And walking. And walking. Sonic cocked his head. Tails was walking away, but he wasn’t getting smaller. It was scientifically abnormal. “Tails!?” Sonic called.

“I can hear you as if you are right next to me!” Tails said. “And I am sure I walked at least thirty feet. Or...whatever is measured here. This place has no concept of distance either.” The strange thing was, even though Tails sounded like he was right next to Sonic and hadn’t shrunk when he walked away, he was still far away from Sonic. Sonic tested this by moving his arms around but not feeling Tails.

“Great. We are stuck in a nothingness we can’t explain, and Blaze isn’t here!”

“OH!” yelped a familiar voice.

“BLAZE!” Sonic roared. He looked around the nothingness but could not see anything. “This is MY fault! Me and my STUPID heart! I knew love would slow me down!” Sonic stamped his foot in frustration.

“OH! OW!” Blaze called out again. Even though she sounded close, she was nowhere to be found.

“Blaze!? Where are you!?” Sonic cried, walking around the vast emptiness. “BLAZE!?” but Blaze fell silent after that. “Blaze! Please be alive! Please be alive! Please please please!” Sonic begged. Tails continued walking around, moving further away and closer to Sonic. But no matter what perceived distance he walked, he still looked the same size to Sonic, and vice versa.
“This is really bizarre,” Tails said. He jumped in the air, and suddenly got caught in some sort of movement. It was like a current, or a liquid. Tails was then carried over top of Sonic. “WHOA! AH! SONIC!” Tails roared. The movement jerked Tails forward violently, causing severe whiplash in Tails, then he was ejected from the current and fell on the same platform Sonic was standing on.

“Tails!” You okay!?” Sonic roared, approaching the fox. But no matter how close he thought he was getting to Tails, he was still far and couldn’t reach him. Sonic immediately begin to run supersonic speed across the platform but still couldn’t reach Tails. It was like a wild fever dream, where no matter how much you try to approach something you can’t get to it. Sonic kept running and running and running. It was just like if he was on a treadmill and Tails was right in front of it. After running what had to be a hundred miles, Sonic finally reached Tails unexpectedly, and tripped over his fallen body. Sonic collided with the platform violently and rolled a few feet away from Tails and cringed painfully. Tails got up and went to Sonic. “Weird...I had to have ran at least hundreds of miles there. I mean, it usually takes me about five minutes to cover a hundred miles at that speed. Yet I still couldn’t reach you,” Sonic grunted as he weakly got up.

“Don’t run too much, then. You need to save your energy. We don’t know this place,” Tails instructed.

“What was that thing carrying you around? What did it feel like? How were you able to escape it? So many questions and no answers!” Sonic moaned.

“It felt like I was being carried by super violent winds, but it did not feel airy. It felt wet, I mean look,” Tails showed Sonic his left arm. Sonic did not see any trace of moisture but when he touched Tails’ arm it was slightly damp. “It felt like I was being carried by some sort of windy water vapor. But it was cold, unlike water vapor. I guess you can say it felt like I was being carried through a cold, dense fog?” Tails said.

“Whatever it was, it carried you hundreds of miles. Or what we think are miles. How did you escape?” Sonic asked.

“I dunno. I felt a weird jerking feeling in my body, almost like a rollercoaster taking a steep curvy drop. Like my intestines were being yanked out from under me. I struggled against it, and suddenly the wind...spat me out.”

“Spat you out?”


“I guess comparing this place to how things are like on Earth is our best bet. But we need to find Blaze, and get the hell out of here. Whatever HERE is!”

“Well, it’s in the laptop somewhere. Who knows, w could be like literally inside the monitor.”

“Or a place Eggman invented. I swear, when I see Eggman again, I am going to really give him what for. That is, if I EVER see Eggman again. By the looks of this place, I don’t know what to think anymore. And Blaze...I’m really worried about her...she didn’t show up with us…”

“Maybe she got caught in that mysterious current when she came in?”

“Maybe. Do you think you can fly me up there to that current? Who knows, maybe it can be our one ticket out of here.”
Suddenly, the nothingness they were in made a sudden crunching noise. The Unnamed Colored walls flashed white briefly.

“Wait...did you see that?” Tails asked.

“Yeah,” Sonic said somewhat sadly.

“Say that again, but in slow motion.”


“Just to try something.”
Sonic repeated his previous statement slower, and Tails looked around for a change. It wasn’t until Sonic said the word “one” when the crunching noise sounded again and the walls flashed white.
“ONE!” Tails cried, and the same effect. “ONE!” Same thing.

“It responds to the word ‘one’?” Sonic asked as the crunching noise happened again along with the white flicker.

“Not the word. The number. One one one one one one one!” Tails cried. No matter how fast or frequent he said it, the effect was still the same. “Hmmm...I wonder...ZERO!” Tails cried. The crunching noise sounded again, but this time the Unnamed Color turned kind of greenish. “AH!” Tails said.

“I don’t get it. Numbers? FIVE!” Sonic yelled, but nothing happened.

“NO! BINARY!” Tails cried excitedly. “Zero one zero one zero one zero zero zero one one zero zero zero zero one zero one one zero one zero zero one zero one one zero one one zero zero zero one one one zero zero one one!”
The walls flickered black and white and the crunching noise became a full on crackling, like wrinkling aluminum foil. The Unnamed Color stopped flickering, and immediately pictures of Tails erupted everywhere. Even on the ceiling that should have been there but wasn’t. Tails himself raised his eyebrow and smiled excitedly.

“Wuh?” Sonic asked.

“I coded my name into binary, and this nothingness obliged, and projected images of me everywhere where the colors should have been. In order to find out how to get around, we need to speak in binary. If we speak in binary, this nothingness will respond to it. This nothingness does not understand anything but binary,” Tails explained.

“I can’t speak binary.”

“I can! Eggman must have forgotten that.”

“Or...maybe speaking binary won’t get us out of here.”

Tails then looked around, and started speaking binary again. There was crunching noises and the Tails images around were replaced with black and white flickers again. But nothing happened. Everything returned to the way it was when they came there. “Nope. Tried different commands on getting out of here, but nothing. But at least now we know exactly where we are,” Tails said.

“I don’t!” Sonic moaned.

“I do. We’re stuck in cyberspace. We’re stuck in the internet,” Tails replied.

End of Part 1
Virtual Conflict
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