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Welcome to my gallery!!! My art is not very good, I know, but if you're a rare person who actually likes my art, I REALLY appreciate your feedback.

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Sonic and Amy: Valentines day by Lunas-Art

This is absolutely stunning, the effects and detail in this are very vivid. The grass looks real and the blurred background shows great...

Sonaze - January by Sonicguru

Okay with this temporary premium membership, I'm writing a critique! :D I like the style and the colors. The only real flaw I'm seeing h...




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It's been two and a half years today that I have been with my #boyfriend and I have loved every day and will love the future days. :iconlightninghedgehog01:  I love you sweetheart :iconsweetkissplz:
I have never done reviews, but it's never to late to start. Especially on the newest Sonic game out there. 
Recently Lightning got me a Wii U, and along with it we got Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

 Now before I get into depth about this game, let me explain something. We all know about Sonic the Hedgehog 2006? Aka Sonic 06, 06, or next gen. It's the most infamous Sonic game out there. With its glitches, rushed storyline, mediocre graphics, etc etc. In my opinion, 06 is a game I have a love/hate relationship for. The only reason why I could love it, is the glitches. When you're TRYING to glitch, it's pretty fucking hilarious. Like doing the kick move with Sonic on a certain spot on top of metal crates; it acts as a helicopter, causing you to ascend into the blackness of space, breaking the game. That's pretty funny shit. How I feel about 06, is that it's not the best Sonic game at all. Not by a longshot. But it's hilarious to replay and try locating new glitches to laugh at, like Sonic going into seizure mode on a street curb. 

06 used to be my least favorite game, for the bog standard reasons everyone dislikes it. I say dislike because I don't hate 06. At least, not as much as I used to. 

Then came Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. 

Before I start the review, I'm gonna warn you of possible spoilers. And possible concussions from recurrent facepalms. 

I went into the game feeling very iffy, but it was a Sonic game. I'm a diehard Sonic fan, I still love the rockin' speedy blue despite his history. I mean, I am going to admit, I'm not a finicky fan. At all. Lots of people hated every game after 06. Lots of others liked only a few games after 06. I'll admit there's some I like more than others, but I liked all of them. Even the underrated games. Secret Rings? Controls were awkward but I liked everything else okay. Shadow's game? yeah the multiple story lines were tedious and annoying, but it was still an okay game. Heroes? Unfortunately I couldn't beat it since my brother took the Wii away. But it was pretty fun for what it was. 
In my opinion, any Sonic game is fun for me. I'm not picky. I love the games for that speedy blue blur. 

Anyway, back to ROL. Many of you have probably read or viewed reviews on the game, so anything I will say may not come as a surprise to any of you. But I wanted to review it so you can get my honest take on it. I'm going to say I may come across as slightly biased, cause I technically didn't beat the entire game, but I'll get to that later. 

I started the game, and it started off with a throw-in-your-face cutscene involving Eggman, Tails, Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles. Lightning felt like Eggman's mustache looked horrible. I didn't get a good glimpse of it, but I could see that it wouldn't have been as detailed as his mustache in Sonic Unleashed. Not to mention I personally don't really focus on tiny details, really. When it came to gameplay, the graphics were mediocre. I did, however, feel it worsened when Lightning joined in as 2P mode. And strangely, the camera focused on just him. So I was jumping around off camera not sure of what the hell I was doing. When we returned to 1P mode, I spent the next hour I think looking around the hub world. The speed of the characters bothered other users, but I didn't see a whole problem with it until I knew where I was going exactly. Since I didn't know where the hell to go 90% of the time, the speed didn't bother me. I actually spent a lot of time searching for glitches. In the hub world, I found a few spazzing-out glitches. But nothing game-breaking. Seriously though, I spent most of the gameplay exploring the hub world trying to locate where to go next. There was no map, no arrows, nothing. It had many secret places, but most of them lead to treasure chests with...I think robot parts? What the hell they're for, I still don't know. There's also crowns too, dunno what they're for either. One of the collectibles is the currency, I know that. There's also random footprints throughout the hub worlds and levels; I didn't know what the hell they meant either until they actually became useful for a future side quest for Sticks. And speaking of Sticks, she is only seen for this side quest. Sonic and his friends don't even say anything, she just does the talking. She wants Sonic and his friends to find the "Shinies". I guess I should also mention the crystals. I really feel like, throughout the game, I was told to collect a lot of crystals. Wait....which Sonic Boom game am I playing again? I feel like Rise of Lyric focuses too much on the crystals from Shattered Crystals than the actual rise of Lyric. I haven't played the 3DS version, though, so I cannot say for sure. 

Not knowing where to go eventually got tedious, once I stopped looking for glitches. I was running around and around, breaking boxes to expose Rings. Pointless Rings. For a maximum Ring count of 100. Speaking of Rings, you know how much Sonic and his friends LOVE Rings? If you don't, this game will give you a general idea. Think the Sonic Generations "homing shot" was annoying? You haven't seen anything, not until you heard Sonic and his friends comment on how much they love Rings. But that's not as bad as.....*gulp*...Bounce Pads. 
BOUNCE PADS!! They are fucking everywhere, in the hub world, the levels, and everything in between. Sonic and his friends are always quick to notice them. They are always quick to give a shout out when they reach a Bounce Pad. Sometimes the comments are creative, like Knuckles saying he feels like a pinball. But most of the time, it's a comment of: "Bounce pad!" Or "Look! A Bounce Pad!"



Anyway, when I FINALLY found an entrance to a level (a lot of times through an NPC), the levels are alright. Mainly platforming. Admittedly not something I am a fan of in a Sonic game, but I was expecting that with Boom. The platforming was relatively simple, too simple. It was so easy a 6 year old could do it. The only challenges really were getting the timings right. I will say though, the energy beams were pretty cool though. And Amy's triple jump was particularly useful. Way more than Tails. Think Tails is useful for platforming? Think again. Amy actually ascends HIGHER than Tails. Tails just flies straight ahead. Knuckles' climbing ability was cool too. But admittedly, I wasn't impressed much with Sonic. He doesn't even have a Homing Attack really. 
Combat was okay, nothing too exciting. Just repeatedly hitting buttons until the enemies died. It was cool to grab them with energy beams and lasso them around. In Sonic Unleashed, it never gets old to pick up two enemies as werehog and slam them together repeatedly :XD: 
The high speed sections were pretty boring. Granted, when I heard there were high speed sections, I was expecting a high speed section like that of 06. I was glad that wasn't the case. But it wasn't challenging. Just sidestepping to avoid the occasional obstacle and running around occasional loops. It can get annoying though when you're leading as Amy or Tails. Amy's persistent remark on "Girl Power!!" And Tails doing this Charmy-esque yell of "Speeeeeed!"

Sorry, Tails, that's not real speed. 

Anyway, by the time I was at the 28% completion mark, I was already bored. I was actually DREADING to continue more hours of tedious hub world searching. So I decided to cheat. Normally, I wouldn't be a fan of this type of thing for a Sonic game. I am always usually excited to see what happens next in the storyline, or who's gonna say what, or what Eggman's doing. But nothing in the storyline kept me interesting. Ahhhhh the storyline!! *grabs mug of hot tea and sits in a chair by the fire* the storyline is really...confusing. It doesn't explain things very well in my opinion. 

Let's turn around and look at Sonic Colors. I feel like a lot of the joke were memorable, and funny. Copyright laws? Burps? Body odor? That's funny shit, from cutscenes I would love to memorize. But Sonic Boom? Its one-liners aren't funny at all. You guys should know something about me, I have a really good sense of humor. I can chuckle at corny puns, and the random spouts of the Sonic Boom TV show. 
 But in ROL? I don't remember anything particularly funny, except in one argument between the friends were they were yelling, and Knuckles joined in with "IM YELLING WORDS!!" And while we ar on the subject of cutscenes, I feel like it seems the camera likes to randomly look at walls for a few seconds before returning to the characters. It was just brief but it was random. And sometimes the game loads the characters landing on a platform, ready to be played, then suddenly it goes to a cutscene. The cutscenes are a slap in the face when you're exploring the hub world, sometimes they even interrupt what the characters could be saying beforehand. Actually, the dialogue itself can be interrupted while the characters talk. Also, with interruptions in mind and going back to Bounce Pads, sometimes the characters like to exclaim, "Bounce P-!" 

But the plot of the game, is confusing. And relatively uninteresting. Shadow and Metal Sonic's appearances are pointless. And there is a point in the end where...and I'm not joking...Shadow appears, says one sentence, then leaves. 

And don't get me started with the following cutscene:
Sonic: we've fallen through a trapdoor!
Tails: we're trapped down here!!

So anyway, 28% in, I was heavily bored. I'd learned of a special glitch in one video review where you can use Knuckles' infinite jump glitch to cross an unaccessible stage. It's basically a ramp, the ocean, and the end of the stage like a mile away. You utilize Knuckles' jump glitch off the ramp, cross the water to get to the end, and suddenly you're like 90% done with the game. I did this glitch, and beat the game like a couple hours later. When I had been only at 28% minutes before. 
This game is so boring, I actually WANTED to cheat to skip ahead and get it beaten. 

Some pros of the game? 
Not a lot, really. But there's a few. 
Amy's personality in this game. Way better, more mature. She's more like a warrior than a fangirl. Her Hammer becomes more powerful in this game I feel. She's actually my favorite character in this game. 
The controls weren't bad either, though in combat you just...again, mash buttons. 
Okay and I'll admit, when Tails sneezes when he stands still too long, it's cute. 

So here's an overview: 

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Meh. They resembled something of PS2 standards, definitely not of the Wii U's potential. 
Score: 1.5/5

Tedious. Confusing. 
Score: 1/5

Confusing, kind of uninteresting. 
Score: 2.5/5

Fine, no complaints really. Some special combos would be nice in combat 
Score: 3/5

Overall, I'd give Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric a:       3/10 

I want to compare it to 06, so you get the gist. 

Just to clarify, I think Boom is worse than 06. 

In summary:

How Boom contrasts:
:bulletblue: Pointless Shadow and Metal Sonic. 
:bulletblue: Less interesting story
:bulletblue: Its hub worlds are more tedious 
:bulletblue: Its voice actors are better, however. 
:bulletblue: ITS SOUNDTRACK. At least 06 had good soundtrack....but Boom's soundtrack consists of a compilation of looping orchestrals that put me to sleep. And not in the kind of way the Gaia Temple Music would; no, this a sleep from boredom not relaxation.  
:bulletblue: Animation is better...recall the dolphin animation from Wave Ocean in 06?
:bulletblue: Knuckles is dumbed down a lot...I don't like that. 
:bulletblue: Lots of dialogue interruptions 
:bulletblue: Sonic 06 had a reason to be rushed. Boom, frankly, didn't. 
:bulletblue: Amy's improved personality 
:bulletblue: Lacks a thrilling final boss. Well, all of its combat is very boring 
:bulletblue: Sticks was neglected. When Silver was announced, he wasn't. In fact, during the production of Boom, lots of ideas and concepts were scrapped. To understand more of what I mean, look at this article

How it compares:
:bulletblue: Annoying little hub world character side quests. 
:bulletblue: Cutscenes are a slap in the face for both games (looking at the Soleanna cutscene where Sonic finds Tails in 06)
:bulletblue: Contain major glitches that can break the game
:bulletblue: There's a good amount of loading screens, but not to the extremity of 06

I didn't like Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. It has become my least favorite game. But I don't condemn it. It's a Sonic game. And I'm going to say, I probably couldn't make a game half as decent. I couldn't make a game at all. But I am not going to recommend this game to anybody, unless you like haphazardly exploring giant hub worlds running at the speed of sleep. 

This quote from Dr Eggman during the Egg Dragoon Battle sums up Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric nicely: "Even you won't last long against this one!"
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Here are the rules regarding commissions:
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As of now:

I dunno how to draw:
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:bulletblack: Cosmo
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But if you give me a reference I can make an attempt, but don't expect something amazing out of my first try.

Let me know if you have questions

If you are a close friend, and are wanting me to draw something for you but have no points or money, I will make an exception

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